ASME QPS pdf download

ASME QPS pdf download

ASME QPS pdf download Quality Program for Suppliers: General Industry
2-1.1 General
(a) AdescriptionoftheCertificateHolder’squalityprogramshallbedocumentedinamanual.Themanualshallinclude a statement of policy and authority indicating executive management support for implementing an effective quality program. An organizational chart identifying the functional responsibilities and authority of the individuals affecting quality in the Certificate Holder’s organization shall also be included.
(b) The quality program shall provide for indoctrination and, when required, training ofpersonnel performing activ- ities affecting quality to ensure that suitable competency and proficiency (competency requirements) are achieved and maintained.
The defined competency requirements shall identify the qualitative and quantitative traits that are appro- priate and suitable for the scope and complexityofthe qualityprogram, including where credentialed personnel maybe required. The competency matrix shall identify tasks or processes and personnel who meet the defined competency requirements to undertake each task or process.
2-1.2 Quality Manual
(a) The manual shall identify the scope of activities and products to which it applies and shall address the role and activities undertaken by ASME in protecting the integrity of the ASME certificate. The establishment of the quality program shall include consideration of the technical aspects of the activities affecting quality. The quality program shall provide control over activities affecting quality to an extent consistent with their importance.
(b) The manual shall include a definition of“significantchange” appropriate to the Certificate Holder’s business and a process forensuringASME approval is soughtand obtained foranysignificantchanges fallingunder this definition prior to implementation.
(c) The manual shall be auditable and shall address the essential controls for each requirement within this Standard. The use offlowcharts, matrices, tables, and charts is encouraged when theycan accuratelydepicthowconformance with the requirements of this Standard is achieved.
(d) Themanualshallbesupportedbyprocedures,workinstructions,forms,andotherdocumentation, as necessary,to define and manage the controls and measures established to ensure the productmanufactured by the Certificate Holder conforms to the requirements of this Standard and the technical job file.
(e) The documents identified under(a), (c), and (d) form the qualityprogram, which shall be implemented to provide for the planning and accomplishment of activities affecting quality under suitable controlled conditions. Controlled conditions include the use ofappropriate equipment, suitable environmental conditions for accomplishing the activity, and assurance that prerequisites for the given activity have been satisfied. The quality program shall provide for any special controls, processes, test equipment, tools, and skills to attain the required quality and for verification ofquality.
2-1.3 Delegation of Duty Individual management roles identified on the organizational chart may delegate a duty when controls for such role assignments are established under the quality program to ensure the delegate is competent to perform the delegated activities. The managerdelegatinga dutyshall be accountable fordeterminingthe delegate’s competencyforcompleting the assignment satisfactorily and retain responsibility for all delegated duties.
2-1.4 Authorized Personnel Authorized personnel shall be used to control
(a) access to financial or other resources or to documents related to the implementation of the quality program. Authorization levels shall be assigned to authorized personnel and documented in the quality program.
(b) the initiation or discontinuation of a specific task or process under the quality program. Prior to initiation, measures shall be in place for the use of authorized personnel who are identified on the competency matrix as meeting the defined competency requirements for the specific task or process.
(c) the quality of work through requirements for individuals to undergo additional training and development to improve productivity or performance.
2-2.1 General
(a) The organizational structure, functional responsibilities, levels ofauthority, and lines ofcommunication for activities affecting quality shall be documented. Executive management involved in the monitoring of the quality program undersection 2-15 shall be identified in the organizational structure. An individual from executive managementshall be responsible for assuring that an appropriate quality program is established.

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