ASME 14414 pdf download

ASME 14414 pdf download

ASME 14414 pdf download Pump system energy assessment
4.7.2? Assessment?scheduling The dates of the assessment, and dates and times of key meetings shall be designated in advance of beginning the assessment. The assessment meetings shall include:
— kick-off meeting. It shall occur just prior to the commencement of the assessment. The purpose of this meeting is to review information to be collected in the initial data collection and evaluation (see 4.8) and establish the work schedule. At this meeting, the assessment team should discuss the safety protocols, tools, methods, measurement, metering and diagnostic equipment required;
— daily schedule(s) for the on-site assessment;
— periodic reporting to facility managers in the form of debriefings should occur as agreed-upon by the assessment team;
— wrap-up meeting at the conclusion of the onsite activities. It is designed to outline the assessment investigations and initial recommendations (see 5.8). The assessment team shall determine corrective courses of action for irregularities that may or do occur during an assessment (e.g. the failure of a computerized records system).
4.8 Initial Data Collection and Evaluation
4.8.1 General Before the start of the assessment, the initial data collection shall be made. To expedite the process, precollection data are optional. NOTE This information is used in all assessment phases.
4.8.2 Initial facility specialist interviews The assessment team shall collect information on operating practices and any specific operating considerations that affect energy use for the equipment through contact with personnel and specialists. The assessment team shall also have access to facilities personnel who understand connected systems that will be influenced by changes made to the pumping system.
4.8.3 Energy project?history
The assessment team shall collect and review information on energy saving projects, assessments, audits, baselines, or benchmarking already conducted for the pumping systems being assessed.
4.8.4 Energy cost The assessment team shall collect cost data including electricity cost per kWh, or other similar terms, considering all charges such as demand charges, peak rates, time-of-the-day rate and any other costs up to the point of use. Where necessary, appropriate costs should be assigned to onsite generated electricity. These costs should be used in subsequent analyses. If electricity is generated on site the avoided cost or potential sales cost of the energy should be used. The assessment team shall agree on the period during which the costs are considered valid. The assessment team should also consider issues such as demand charges and trends to identify situations not made obvious by the use of average values.
From this information, the assessment team shall determine an average annual energy cost per kWh over the previous 12 months.
If a facility has established a marginal cost for energy, it may be used in the energy cost saving calculation
4.8.5 Initial system data
The assessment team shall:
— define the functional needs of the system(s);
— identify high energy consumption equipment;
— identify control method(s);
— identify throttle control systems;
— identify high, low or negative static head systems;
— identify inefficient devices (obvious signs of disrepair or incorrect operation);
— identify lower mean time before failure (MTBF) pump systems, which generally indicate poor efficiency operation (see Annexes F and H);
— identify small power input systems that have significant influence on facility reliability and efficiency. All of them shall be considered, not because of their energy consumption but for the consequence on the efficiency of the whole facility.
Prior to conducting the assessment, the assessment team shall ensure that the action plan meets the stated assessment objectives.
The action plan of assessment and the objectives shall be reviewed for relevance, cost-effectiveness, and capacity to produce the desired results.
5.1 Assessment Levels
5.1.1 General
Depending on the needs of the host organization, one or more of the levels of assessment given in Table 1 shall be selected.

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