ASME QAI-1 pdf download

ASME QAI-1 pdf download

1-1.2.3 Maintain qualified Supervisors to monitorthe performance of the uthorized Nuclcar Inspcctorsandto audit the activities at nuclear shops and fieldsites for which inspection agreements have been made,in accordance twith the requirements of 1-2.2.6.
1-1.2.4Give written notice to all Authorized NuclearInspectors of the name, office address, and office andhome phone numbers of their respective Supervisors.1-1.2.5Assure proper execution of responsibilities.In particular, the Agency shall:
a) establish and implement an internal programwhich shall provide assurance that those of its employ-
ees holding the positions of Supervisor and AuthorizedNuclear Inspector perform work in accordance with therequirements of Part 1 of this Standard.This programshall be documented by written policies, procedures, orinstructions and shail be carried out throughout the lifeterm of any agreement covering iruspectiors required bythe ASME Code, in accordance with the program.Theprogram shall provide for indoctrination and trainingof personncl performing such activitics, as necessary, toassure that suitable proficicncy is achieved and main-tained.
(b) provide instructions in writing to AuthorizedNuclear Inspectors and their Supervisors, specifyingtheir respective duties and responsibilities.
(c) provide instructions in writing to AuthorizedNuclear Inspectors requiring them to immediately con-tact their Supervisor whenever the Inspector is unableto readily resolve any question concerning ASME Codecompliance. manufacturing procedure, or quality assur-ance provision or its implementation. instructionsshould be inciuded as a reminder to the AuthorizecNuclear Inspector that he has the authority and the dutyto refuse to sign any Data Reports involving noncon-formance with the ASME Code.
(dconduct annual planned audits of activities per-formed by Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisors toverify compliance with the provisions of theASMECodeSection mI, Division 1 or Division 3, or both, and Part1 of this Standard. The audit shall be performed byappropriately trained personnel, in accordance with awritten procedure or checklist. Audit results shall bedocumented and reviewed by management. Follow-upaction. including reaudit of deficient areas.shall be takenwhere indica ted to assure that necessary correctiveaction is completed.
(e)Establish and implement a written policy to ensurelevels of inspeciion activity commensurate withi thescope of the AIA’s Certificate of Accredilation.
1-1.2.6Provide certification for each AuthorizedNuclear Inspector and Supervisor to be performingwork under the provisions of the ASME Code SectionIII,Division 1 or Division 3, or both, to assure that the Inspectors and Supervisors mect the required experienceand training rcquircments of Part 1 of this Standard.Certification and documentation of qualifications shallbe retained by the employer and shall be made availablefor review by the jurisdictional Authorities and theA.SMF Survey Team, upon request.
1-1.2.7 Submit to the National Board an applicationfor a speciai endorsement for the Authorized NuciearInspector applicant, certifying that he has the requiredexperience and training and that qualified supervisionwill be provided to assure that the Authorized NuclearInspector satisfactorily fulfills his functions.
1-1.2.8 Submit to the National Board an applicationfor a special endorsement for the Authorized NuclearInspector Supervisor applicant, certifying that theSupervisor has the required experience and training.1-1.2.9 verify to the Nationai Board that the auditsrequired by 1-2.2.6 have been carried out.
1-1.2.10 Notify the ASME Conformity AssessmentDepartment of the termiration of an inspectionagrcemcnt with a holdcr of an ASME Ccrtificatc ofAuthorization.
1-1.3 AA Quality Program
1-1.3.1A documcnted Quality Program shall beestablished,implemented, and maintained by theAuthorized inspection Agency (AIA) in accordance withthe requirements of this Standard.lhe AIA Quality Pro-gram shall identify the activities to which it applies andshall provide for the planning. control, and accomplish-ment of activities affecting the quality of the AuthorizedInspection Agency’s inplementation of duties and activ-ities as described in applicable parts of this Slandard.1-1.3.2The AIA Quality Program shall, at a mini-mum, include the following parts:
(a) Organization. The Program shall document theorganizational structure, functional responsibilities, lev-els of authority, and lines of responsibility for activitiesrequired for compliance with requirements of thisStandard.
(b) Program Description. The Program shall describethe scope of the activities for which the Program appiies.The scope shall include all requirements of the QAI-1Standard for which the Authorized Inspection Agencyis accredited by the Society (or for which the applicantis sccking Socicty accrcditation as an Accrcdited Author-ized Inspection Agency). The Program shall documentthe policies and describe the process for the implementa-tion of the requirements of the (QAl-1 Standard.

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