ASME B107.57 pdf download

ASME B107.57 pdf download

biade: the tapered porlion of the brieklaycrs” hammer-head directly opposite the face.
chanfer: the angled nat surface or equivalcnt radiusencircling the perimeler of the face of the bricklayers’hammer and prospccling picks and a1 both ends af thecutting edge of the bnieklaycrs” hammer.
cheeks:see sides.
curTing edge fbit): the edge directly opposite thc faceof the bricklayers’harnnerhead at the extreme end ofthe blade.
eye:ani apening or apcrture in the bricklayers’ hammero prospecting pick located between the blade or pickand the face into which the handle is inserted if thehandle is separate.
face: the portion of the bricklayers’ hammerhead orprospeciing pick head, exclusive of the bell and chamfer.locaied on the end of the head opposite from the bladeor pick end.
handle:the portion thac protrudes from the harmner-head or pick head and by which the tool is held.handie grip:material securely attached to the gripend of some styles of hammer or pick handles.
hardness:the condition of the hammerhead or pickhead resulting frorn hea1 treatmenI.
neck:onsome bricklayers’ hanmers of aiternativedesign (see Fig. 1). the porion of the hanmerheadbetween the bell and the hammer eye.
pick:the portion of thc prospccting pick direcilyopposite the face.
safety message: the information irnprinted on or af-fixed to the hammer that is intended to prornotc safety.sides:outside suriaces of the harnncr-head,on eitherside of the eye. lo:ated between the blade and charmferor neck on hricklayers’ harnmers and the pick end andcharnfer on prospecting picks: also called cheeks.
gop of hananier er pick:the portion of the hamncrorprDspecling pick head opposite the handle entry.
4.1 Design
Bricklayers” hammers shall have a facc on one endof thc head and a cutting edge on the opposite endfor use in setting and cutting (splining) bricks. masonry tile. concrete tile, and concrete bicks and for chippingmortar frorn bricks. Prospecting picks shall have a faceon one end of the head and a pick on the oppositeend of the head for use in pulling sanplcs from theground.
4.1.1 The faces of the heads shall be flat.
4.1.2 The faces shall have a chamfcr of 45 deg (orcquivalent radiusy all around the perimeter with thewidih equal to appraximately 0.06 in. (1.5 mm).4.1.3 ihe undcrsidc of the cutting edge or bitof the bricklayers’ harnrner shall have a bevel ofapproximalely 30 deg to 45 deg. The two outer comersof the cutting edge shall have a charnfer of approxi-mately 4s deg or equivalent radius.
4.1.4Handlcs shall be of any design, includingergonomic,that can withstand the tests specified inparas. 4.4.3 and 4.4.4.
4.1.5 The head and handle shall be free of nonfuac-tional sharp edges. points.and surface roughness thatcould inflict personal injury on the user while handiingthe bricklayers’hammer or prospecting pick.
4.2 Materials
4.2.1 Heads shall be made fromn special-quality. finc-grain,hot-rolled, carbon steel bars conforming 1o thechemical requirements specificd in Table 1 and toASTM A 576 or from an equivalent material such asalloy steel conforning to ASTM A 322 or ASTM A 681.4.2.2 Hcads shall bc frce of manufacturing andmateriai defects. such as searms. laps. pipes. and coldshuts thal could jeopardize sound construction. Thcyshall conform to requirements for rmcchanacal propertiesspccihed in para. 4.3 and shall wichstand the sinkingtest specifed in para.+.-4.3.
4.2.3 Handles shall bc madc of any suitable malerialthat willwihstand the lest requircmcnts in paras.4.4.3and 4.4.4.

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