API STD 20S pdf download

API STD 20S pdf download

API STD 20S pdf download Additively Manufactured Metallic Components for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries
This standard gives the requirements for three additive manufacturing specification levels (AMSL). The AMSLsare numbered in increasing levels of severity from 1 to 3 to reflect increasing technical, quality, and qualificationcriteria.This section describes the conditions that, when met,allow the additive manufacturing process to receivethe appropriate AMSL classification.
When additively manufactured metallic components are ordered to an APl product specification or APl productstandard, the APl product specification or APl product standard shall take precedence over this standard aslong as the requirements of the APl product specification or APl product standard meet or exceed the minimumrequirements set forth in this standard.
4.2Additive Manufacturer Requirements4.2.1General
For all AMSLs, the additive manufacturer shall implement and maintain required controls to ensure products andservices meet specified requirements and shall conform with the requirements of 4.2 and its subsections.
4.2.2Additive Manufacturer Quality Management System(QMS)
The additive manufacturer shall establish, document, implement, and maintain, at all times, a QMS and associatedprocesses.The QMS shall be in conformance with either APl Specification Q1 or ISo 9001.
4.2.3 Quality Control Procedures
All quality control activities shall be controlled by the additive manufacturer’s documented procedures, whichinclude appropriate methodology and acceptance criteria.
NDE procedures shall be detailed regarding the requirements of all applicable nationally or internationallyrecognized standards specified by the additive manufacturer.All NDE procedures shall be approved by aLevel lexaminer qualified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A or lSO 9712 in the specified discipline.
4.2.4 Technical Review Requirements
The additive manufacturer shall maintain procedure(s) to ensure that technical requirements are reviewed priorto acceptance of the order.
The additive manufacturer shall maintain records of this review, including:
– applicable purchaser or governing design and/or construction specifications/standards;- deviations from governing design and/or construction specifications/standards;
– material specifications;
-acceptance criteria;
-qualification of procedures;
-qualification of personnel;
-qualification of printing equipment;
— outsourced services;
– inspection and testing requirements,including third-party verification;
— identification and traceability;
– post-processing requirements.
4.2.5 Personnel Training and Competency Requirements
Personnel shall be competent to carry out assigned tasks and responsibilities based on the appropriateeducation, training, skills, and experience needed to meet product and purchase order requirements. The additivemanufacturer shall maintain a written procedure that defines personnel competency and identifies training andqualification requirements.
The additive manufacturer shall identify:
– knowledge and training necessary to address specific requirements;
-qualifications required for personnel performing processes that require validation;- method(s) used to verify the competency of personnel.
The additive manufacturer shall maintain evidence of conformity to the above requirements.4.2.6 Non-destructive Examination Personnel Requirements
Personnel performing NDE shall be qualified in accordance with the additive manufacturer’s documented trainingprogram that is based on the requirements specified in the following:
-ISO 9712; or
– a national or international standard that is equivalent to lSO 9712 or ASNT SNT-TC-1A.
NDE Level l or Level l personnel shall be qualified by NDE Level ll personnel in the specified discipline.4.2.7Inspection Personnel Requirements
Personnel performing visual inspection for acceptance shall take and pass an annual vision examination inaccordance with the additive manufacturer’s documented procedure that is based on the requirements specifiedin the following:
—ISO 9712; or
— ASNT SNT-TC-1A; or
– a national or international standard that is equivalent to ISO 9712 or ASNT SNT-TC-1A.
4.2.8Other Personnel Requirements
All other personnel performing measurements, inspections, or tests for acceptance shall be qualified in accordancewith the additive manufacturer’s documented procedures and requirements.

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