API Spec 15LR pdf download

API Spec 15LR pdf download

API Spec 15LR pdf download Specification for Low Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe
5 Physical Properties and Tests 5.1 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Pipe furnished to this speciÞcation shall conform to physi- cal property requirements in 5.3. Certain other properties do not have speciÞed requirements but are nevertheless impor- tant in piping system design. The manufacturer shall perform the tests shown in 5.1a-5.1h as well as prepare all test reports in compliance with the applicable ASTM standard. These results shall be available upon request. a. Long-term hydrostatic strength cyclic at 150¡F. ASTM D- 2992 Procedure A. Long-term hydrostatic strength static at 150¡F or higher. Additionally, ASTM D-2992 Procedure B, at 150¡F or higher when static rating is desired. b. Thermal CoefÞcient of Expansion. Per the manufacturerÕs written procedure. c. Axial Tensile Modulus of Elasticity. ASTM D-2105 d. Parallel Plate Crush. SF at 5% deßection, ASTM D-2412, for products with OD/t ratios greater than 20. e. Ultimate Axial Tensile Strength. ASTM D-2105.
f. Hydrostatic Collapse Pressure.ASTM D-2924.
g. Short-time Hydraulic Failure Pressure of Plastic Pipe,Tubing, and Fittings.ASTM D-1599.
h. Beam bending modulus to determine pipe support spacingat 73.4°F and 150°F or maximum rated temperature whendetermined in accordance with ASTM D-2925.
Pipe furnished to this specification shall be tested by themanufacturer as follows:
5.2.1 The short-term test which shall be performed atambient temperature at the minimum frequency of one per lotas defined in 6.1.2 shall be one of the following:
a. Short-time hydrostatic failure pressure per ASTM D- 1599.b. Cyclic Pressure Strength (short-term) per ASTM D-2143for 750 cycles minimum.
5.2.2One long-term cyclic hydrostatic regression test todetermine the hydrostatic design basis (HDB) shall be per-formed at 150F’ on pipe manufactured by each processwhich contains no significant product characteristic differ-ences such as listed in Appendix E.The tests shall be con-ducted as follows:
1Note:When pipe is to be rated for temperatures higher than 150°F,the tests shall be conducted at the higher temperature. Tests
Long-term cyclic hydrostatic pressure tests shall be incompliance with ASTM D-2992 Procedure A. Any ASTM D2992 test started after the effective date of this Seventh Edi-tion of API Specification 15LR shall have DSC (DifferentialScanning Calorimetry) data on each test sample in accor-dance with Appendix B. Requalification Tests for Pipe and Prime
Connection and Fittings
Changes as described in Appendix E for previously quali-fied systems shall require the following minimum tests:
The long-term cyclic and static (if used) LTHS shall beverified at 150°E, or higher temperature if so rated,after anychanges described in Appendix E by conducting the abridgedtests required by Section 12 of ASTM D 2992 Procedure Aand/or B (as required)(free-end). Test samples shall beassembled by the manufacturer’s documented joining proce-duire.Test samples shall be a size no smaller than 2 in. nomi-nal diameter. The same outside diameter to reinforced wallratio (D/t) used in original qualification tests shall apply forrequalification. Tests for Other
The requalification tests of 5.7 shall be repeated after anychange as described in Appendix A.
5.2.3 Impact Resistance
The impact resistance of 2 in. through 6 in. pipe with cyclicpressure ratings of 300 psi and less shall be tested initiallyfollowing the procedure in Appendix C.
The minimum performance properties for tests specified in5.2 are:
a. Pipe shall hold for one minute a minimum hydrostaticpressure of 4.0 times its calculated cyclic operating pressurewithout failure when tested as per 5.2.1a.
b. Pipe shall have a minimum short-term cyclic pressure lifeof 750 cycles when tested at a pressure equal to or greaterthan the lower confidence limit on the long-term cyclichydrostatic pressure regression line when back calculated to750 cycles.
c. The hydrostatic design basis (HDB) extrapolated to 150million cycles shall equal or exceed the manufacturer’s pub-lished value current at the time of purchase.
d. All 2 in. through 6 in. pipe with cyclic pressure ratings of300 psig or less shall have impact resistance which exceedsthe requirements of Appendix C.
Note: This test is not considered applicable for other pipe.5.4SERVICE FACTORS
The maximum recommended service factors are:a. 1.0 for the long-term cyclic HDB at 150 × 106cycles.b. 0.67 for the 95% lower confidence limit (LCL) of thelong-term hydrostatic strength (LTHS) at 20 years per ASTMD 2992 Procedure B at 150°F or higher.
5.5.1Cyclic Pressure
The cyclic pressure rating for a pipe shall be calculated byusing Equation 1 below and the hoop stress values deter-mined by the long-term cyclic test listed in

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