API RP 74 pdf download

API RP 74 pdf download

API RP 74 pdf download Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Onshore Oil and Gas Production Operation
3.7cellar: Excavation around the wellhead to providespace for items of equipment at the top of the wellbore.
3.8Christmas tree: The valves and fittings assembled atthe top of a completed well to control the flow of hydrocar-bons and other fluids. See API Spec 6A.
3.9combustible liquid: Any liquid having a flash-pointat or above 100°E.
3.10contractor: Any person or company that contractsor subcontracts to perform all or any part of oil and gas wellproduction operations.
3.11critical equipment: Equipment and other systemsdetermined to be essential in preventing the occurrence of, ormitigating the consequences of an uncontrolled event.
3.12electrical classification of areas: Locations areclassified according to API RP 500 or API RP 505.
3.13flammable liquid: Any liquid having a flashpointbelow 100°E.
3.14full body harness: Straps which may be securedabout a person in a manner that will distribute the fall arrestforces over at least the thighs, pelvis, waist,chest, and shoul-ders,with means for attaching it to other components of apersonal fall arrest system.
3.15guarded: Covered, shielded, fenced, enclosed, or oth-erwise protected by means of suitable covers or casings, barrierrails,or screens to eliminate the possibility of accidental con-tact with or dangerous approach by persons,animals,orobjects.
3.16hazardous substance:Any substance that, by rea-son of being explosive,flammable, toxic,corrosive, oxidiz-ing, irritating, or otherwise harmful, has the potential to causeinjury, illness, or death.
3.17hot oil treatment: The process of heating oil andpumping it into piping,tubing,casing,or a formation toremove paraffin.
3.18hot tapping (pipe tapping): The process of drillinga hole through the wall of pipe that is under pressure.A specialsacddle is used to attach a valve and lubricator to the pipe.
3.19hot work: Work involving electric or gas welding,cutting, brazing, grinding or similar flame or spark producingoperations.
3.20 lanyard: A flexible line of rope, wire rope, or strapwhich generally has a connector at cach end for connectingthe body belt or body harness to a deceleration device, lifelineor anchorage.
3.21lockout/tagout: A procedure to control hazardousenergy.
3.22NFPA: National Fire Protection Association.
3.23operator: Lease owner or his designated agent whois responsible for the overall operation of the lease.
3.24personal fall arrest system (PFAS): A systemdesigned to provide protection to a person from falls. ThePFAS should consist of an anchorage,connector and a syn-thetic webbing full body harness which may include a lan-yard and a deceleration device.
3.25PPE: Personal Protective Equipment.
3.26pumping unit: Surface equipment used for the pur-pose of mechanically lifting fluids from a well. See API Spec11E and APL/ANSI i1ER.
3.27qualified person: A person who, by possession of arecognized degree,certificate,or professional standing,orwho by knowledge, training, or experience, has successfullydemonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relatingto the subject matter or the work.
3.28rated working pressure: The maximum internalpressure that equipment is designed to contain and/or control.Working pressure is not to be confused with test pressure.3.29shall: For the purpose of this document,shall indi-cates that the recommended practice(s) has universal applica-tion to that specific activity.
3.30should: For the purpose of this document,shoulddenotes a recommended practice(s)(a) where a safe compara-ble alternative practice(sy is available; (b) that may be imprac-tical under certain circumstances; or (c) that may be unneces-sary for personnel safety under certain circumstances.
3.31simultaneous operations: Two or more of thefollowing activities being performed in close proximity: pro-duction, drilling, completion, workover, wireline (except rou-tine operations),major construction operations,well testingand maintenance.
3.32supervisor: Person who has been given the control,direction,or supervision of work performed by one or morepersonnel.

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