API RP 51 pdf download

API RP 51 pdf download

API RP 51 pdf download Onshore Oil and Gas Production Practices for Protection of the Environment
5.3.5 The operator should hold a pre-construction meetingwith the contractor(s) to establish environmental and safetyresponsibilities along with desired objectives of the project.5.3.6Field inspections and lab analysis of soil samplesmay be used to assess soil erosion hazards and slope stability.Properties of soils,length and gradient of slopes,and vegeta-tive cover contribute to soil stability. Fitting the profile totopography,locating roads on moderate slopes,providingadequate drainage, and stabilizing slopes decreases surfacedisturbance and reduces erosion and sedimentation.
5.3.7 Means and methods for erosion control are numerousand often site specific. Revegetation with local species. rip-rap. gabions, woven jute, and energy dissipaters are effectivemeasures that may be used to reduce erosion.
5.3.8 The use of geotextiles and geosynthetics should beconsidered in road planning and construction.These mate-rials offer a variety of applications,aid in stabilizing theroad, and minimize the utilization of road bed and surfacematerials.
5.3.9An adequate drainage system should be incorporatedinto the design and construction of the road. This systemshould efficiently intercept,collect,remove, and dischargewater from roads.A drainage system that is inadequate or
blocked will result in excessive erosion, failures, and highermaintenance costs.
5.3.10The number of river,stream (including ephemeralstreams),lake, and wetland crossings should be minimized,where possible. Bridges, culverts,and other drainage struc-tures should be incorporated to ensure the free flow of waterwhen drainage ways are intersected. Different flood stagesshould be considered for the design and construction of thecrossings.
5.3.11 The use of snow fences should be considered inareas with snow drifting characteristics.Minimization ofsnow build up will reduce the use of deicers on the road-way and will also reduce the problems associated with the
disposal of the bladed snowisalt mix during maintenanceoperations.
5.3.12Clearing widths should be kept to a minimum.These limits should be delineated and marked in the field.

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