API SPEC 5D pdf download

API SPEC 5D pdf download

API SPEC 5D pdf download Specification for Drill Pipe
3.1 carload: The quantity of pipe loaded on a rail car forshipment from the pipe-making facilities.
3.2 defect: An imperfection of sufbcient magnitude towarrant rejection of the product based on the stipulations ofthis specibcation.
3.3 elephant hide: The wrinkled outside diameter sur-
faces of the pipe caused by the upsetting of end areas exposedto forging temperatures.
3.4 heat: The metal produced by a single cycle of a batchmelting process.
3.5 heat analysis: The chemical analysis representativeof a heat as reported by the metal producer.
3.6 imperfection: A discontinuity or irregularity in theproduct detected by methods outlined in this specibcation.3.7 inspection: The process of measuring, examining,testing,gauging, or otherwise comparing the unit of productwith the applicable requirements.
3.8 inspection lot: A debnite quantity of product manu-factured under conditions that are considered uniform for theattribute to be inspected.
3.9 inspection lot sample: One or more units of product
selected from an inspection lot to represent that inspection lot.3.10 inspection lot size: The number of units in an
inspection lot.
3.11 linear imperfections: Include, but are not limitedto, cracks, seams,laps, plug scores,cuts, gouges, and ele-phant hide.
3.12 manufacturer: The term manufacturer as usedthroughout this specipcation refers to the brm, company, orcorporation responsible for marking the product to warrantthat the product conforms to the specibcation.The manufac-
turer may be either a pipe mill or processor.The manufactureris responsible for compliance with all of the applicable provi-
sions of the specibcation.
3.13 may: Used to indicate that a provision is optional.3.14 nonlinear imperfections: Include, but are not lim-ited to, pits and round bottom die-stamping.
3.15 outside diameter exposed surfaces: l) For EUEand IEUE, the areas are the upset (Leu), taper ( me), and adja-cent pipe body. 2) For IUE, the area over the upset ( Liu), thearea over the internal taper ( miv), and the adjacent pipe body.3.16 pipe mill: A brm, company, or corporation that oper-ates pipe-making facilities.
3.17 processor: A brm, company, or corporation thatoperates facilities capable of heat treating pipe made by apipe mill.
3.18 shall: Used to indicate that a provision is mandatory.3.19 should: Used to indicate that a provision is not man-datory, but recommended as good practice.
4 Process of Manufacture
Drill pipe furnished to this specibcation shall be made bythe seamless process debned as follows:
a. Seamless pipe is a wrought steel tubular product madewithout a welded seam. It is manufactured by hot-workingsteel, or if necessary, by subsequently cold-bnishing the hot-worked tubular product to produce the desired shape, dimen-sions, and properties.
b.Cold drawn drill pipe, without appropriate heat treatment,is not acceptable.
The heat treating process shall be performed in accordancewith a documented procedure.
a. Group 1NDrill pipe shall be normalized or at the manu-facturerOs option normalized and tempered, or quenched andtempered full length; and if upset, shall be so heat treatedafter upsetting.
b.Group 3NUnless otherwise agreed upon between pur-chaser and manufacturer, drill pipe furnished to this
specibcation shall be quenched and tempered, or normalizedand tempered. Upset drill pipe shall be heat treated full lengthafter upsetting.
The various grades and groups of steel furnished to thisspecibcation shall be made to a bne grain practice. Steelmade to Pne grain practice contains one or more grain rebn-ing elements, such as aluminum, columbium, vanadium, ortitanium in amounts intended to result in the steel having abne austenitic grain size.

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