ASME PTC-8-2 pdf download

ASME PTC-8-2 pdf download

1.1 Prepared in accordance with ASME PTC 1 onGeneral lnstructions, this Code provides standard di-rections for conducting and reporting performancetests of centrifugal pumps,including those of themixed flow and axial flow types,hereinafter inclu-sively covered by the term “pumps.”
1.2 The objective of this Code is to establish rulesfor conducting tests of pumps to determine, underspecified conditions, the following characteristics:(a) total head produced by the pump;
b)pump capacity (rate of flow through thepump);
(c)power input to the pump;(d)efficiency;
(e) net positive suction head requirements of thepump.
The above characteristics are hereinafter inclu-sively covered by the term “performance.”
!n’addition to the foregoing, this Code providesnonmandatory appendices which provide additionalguidance related to the application of this Code.
1.3 This Code applies to the testing of pumps utiliz-ing liquids or mixtures of miscible liquids which haveNewtonian viscosity characteristics.
1.4 If specific directions in this Code for any partic-ular measurement differ from those given in a refer-ence code for similar measurements,the instructionsof this Code shall prevail. It is the intent of this Codethat the meaning of all terms be understood and ap-plied as defined in Section 2 of this Code.
1.5 This Code mandates testing procedures and ac-ceptable instrumentation for tests designated Type Aand Type B. Subsequent reference in this Code willbe made to these as Type A and Type B (see Section3).Prior to the test, the parties to the test must agree in writing to the type of test to.be conducted. If thisCode is invoked without reference to type, the testshall be conducted in accordance with criteria estab-lished for Type A.
Tests may be designated as “single” or “mixed”type tests.
a)Single-type tests are conducted when proce-dures and instrumentation from only one type arespecified.
b) The user of this Code may wish to reduce someaspects of the Type A test to Type B. Procedures spec-ified from both types render the test designation asType B. Upgrading some Type B criteria to Type A isaiso permissible but again the resultant designationshall be Type.B. Any such tests shall be agreed inwriting by the parties to the test.
Only tests which comply with, and do not excludeor violate the mandatory requirements of, this Codemay be designated as tests conducted in accordancewith this Performance Test Code.Characteristics (a)through (d),inclusive,of para. 1.2 shall be deter-mined for both Type A and Type B tests.
1.6 lnstruments and methods of measurement tosatisfy Type A,Type B, or mixed-type tests are givenin Section 4 of this Code. Descriptions of instrumentsand apparatus beyond those specified, but necessaryto the conduct of tests under this Code, may be foundin the ASME Performance Test Code Supplements oninstruments and Apparatus (PTC19 Series). If specificdirections in this Code for any particular measure-ment differ from those given in ‘the PTC 19 Series,the instructions in this Code shall prevail.
1.7 The tests specified in this Code may be con-ducted in the manufacturer’s shops,on the user’spremises or elsewhere as agreed upon, provided suchtests meet the requirements of this Code.
1.8 Results of tests conducted in accordance withthis Code apply solely to the specific pump actually

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