ASME B30.9 pdf download

ASME B30.9 pdf download

ASME B30.9 pdf download Slings Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings
Volume B30.9 includes provisions that apply to thefabrication, attachment, use, inspection, and mainte-nance of slings used for lifting purposes, used in con-junction with equipment described in other volumes ofthe B30 Standard,except as restricted in B30.12 and
B30.23.Slings fabricated from alloy steel chain,wirerope, metal mesh, synthetic fiber rope, synthetic web-
bing , and synthetic fiber yarns in a protective cover(s)are addressed. Slings fabricated from other materials orconstructions other than those detailed in this Volumeshall be used only in accordance with the recommenda-tions of the sling manufacturer or a qualified person.
abnormal operating conditions: environmental conditionsthat are unfavorable, harmful, or detrimental to or forthe operation of a sling, such as excessively high or lowambient temperatures;exposure to weather; corrosivefumes; dust-laden or moisture-laden atmospheres; andhazardous locations.
abrasion: the mechanical wearing of a surface resultingfrom frictional contact with other materials or objects.angle of choke: angle formed in a sling body as it passesthrough the choking eye or fittings.
angle of loading: the acute angle between horizontal andthe leg of the rigging, often referred to as horizontalangle.
assenbly: a synonym for sling.See sling.
authorized: approved by a duly constituted administra-tive or regulatory authority.
body (sling): that part of a sling between the eyes, endfittings, or loop eyes.
braided woire rope: a rope formed by plaiting componentwire ropes.
braided wwire rope sling: a sling made from braided rope.bridle sling: a sling composed of multiple legs with thetop ends gathered in a fitting that goes over the lift-ing hook.
cable-laid rope: a cable composed of six wire ropes laidas strands around a wire rope core.
cable-laid rope sling,mechanical joint: a wire rope slingmade from a cable-laid wire rope with eyes fabricatedby swaging one of more metal sleeves over the ropejunction.
component: see fitting.
cross rod: a wire used to join spirals of metal mesh toform the complete fabric.
D/d ratio: the ratio between the curvature taken by thesling, D, and the diameter of the component rope, d.design factor: ratio between nominal or minimum break-ing strength and rated load of the sling.
designated person: selected or assigned by the employeror employer’s representative as being competent to per-form specific duties.
end fitting: terminal hardware on the end of a sling.See sling.
endless and grommet coire rope slings
cable-laid endless sling , mechanical joint: a wire rope slingmade endless from one continuous length of cable laidrope with the ends joined by one or more metallicfittings.
cable-laid grommet,hand-tucked: an endless wire ropesling made from one continuous length of rope formedto make a body composed of six ropes around a ropecore.The rope ends are tucked into the body, thus form-ing the core. No sleeves are used.
strand-laid endless sling , mechanical joint: a wire ropesling from one continuous length of wire rope with theends joined by one or more metallic fittings.
strand-laid grommet , hand-tucked: an endless wire ropesling made from one continuous length of strand formedto make a six-strand rope with a strand core. The strandends are hand tucked into the body. No sleeves are used.eye opening: the opening in the end of a sling for theattachment of the hook, shackle, or other lifting deviceor the load itself.

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