ASME B30.8 pdf download

ASME B30.8 pdf download

ASME B30.8 pdf download Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings
Upon receipt by the Secretary, the request will beforwarded to the relevant B30 Subcommittee for consid-eration and action.Correspondencewill be provided to therequester defining the actions undertaken by the B30Standards Committee.
The B30 Standards Committee will render an interpre-tation of the provisions of the B30 Standard.An lnterpre-tation Submittal Form is available on ASME’s website athttp: f / cstools.asme.org/Interpretation/Interpretation-Form.cfm.
Phrase the question as a request for an interpretation ofa specific provision suitable for general understandingand use, not as a request for approval of a proprietarydesign or situation. Plans or drawings that explain thequestion may be submitted to clarify the question.However, they should not contain any proprietarynames or information. Read carefully the note addressingthe types of requests that the B30 Standards Committeecan and cannot consider.
Upon submittal, the request will be forwarded to therelevant B30 Subcommittee for a draft response, whichwill then be subject to approval by the B30 StandardsCommittee priorto its formal issuance.The B30 StandardsCommittee may rewrite the question for the sake of clarity.Interpretations to the B30 Standard will be availableonline at https: f f cstools.asme.org/lnterpretation/Searchlnterpretation.cfm.
The equipment covered by the B30 Standard is subjectto hazards that cannot be abated by mechanical means, butonly by the exercise of intelligence, care, and commonsense. It is therefore essential to have personnel involvedin the use and operation of equipment who are competent,careful, physically and mentally qualified, and trained inthe proper operation of the equipment and the handling ofloads. Serious hazards include, but are not limited to,improper or inadequate maintenance, overloading,drop-ping or slipping of the load, obstructing the free passage ofthe load, and using equipment for a purpose for which itwas not intended or designed.
The B30 Standards Committee fully realizes the impor-tance of proper design factors,minimum or maximumdimensions,and other limiting criteria of wire rope orchain and their fastenings, sheaves, sprockets, drums,and similar equipment covered by the Standard,all ofwhich are closely connected with safety. Sizes,strengths,and similar criteria are dependent on many differentfactors,often varying with the installation and uses.These factors depend on
a) the condition of the equipment or materialb) the loads

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