ASME B30.27 pdf download

ASME B30.27 pdf download

ASME B30.27 pdf download Material Placement Systems Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings
Volume B30.27 includes provisions that apply to theconstruction, installation, operation, inspection, and main-tenance of mobile material placing booms, mobile tele-scoping boom conveyors,separate placing booms, andmaterial placement accessories (see Figs. 1 through 3).This Volume does not apply to the pumping ele-ments of a concrete pump, conveyors, mortar convey-ing or spraying machines, or dry mix shotcreting ma-chines.
The concrete pump portion of these machines is cov-ered by CPMA 27-200o.
The conveyor section of these machines is covered byASME B20.1.
concrete delivery hose: a flexible delivery hose having acoupling on each end.
control panel: controls mounted on the material place-ment system.
delivery systenms: delivery lines, pipes, hoses, attachmentcomponents, and transfer valves, through which mate-rial is transported (see Fig.4).
designated person: a person selected or assigned by theemployer or the employer’s representative as beingcompetent to perform specific duties.
end hose: a flexible concrete delivery hose that only hasone coupling.
1anual voalve override: a mechanical valve actuator usedto operate an electrically controlled valve in emergencyor breakdown situations.
manual vaIves: a valve whose manual actuator is the onlymeans of valve actuation.
maximun1 spport force: the maximum force exerted onthe supporting surface at any one outrigger.
normal operating conditions: conditions during which amaterial placement system is performing functionswithin the scope of the original design. Under these con-ditions, no one other than the operator is on the mate-rial placement system.
outrigger: extendable or fixed members attached to themounting base, which rest on supports at the outer endsused to support the machine.
placing booms: manual or power driven, slewable work-ing devices,consisting of one or more extendable orfoldable parts supporting the material delivery system,and directing the discharge into the desired location.priority switching: transferring control of one or morefunctions from a control location to a different controllocation.
qualified person: a person who, by possession of a recog-nized degree in an applicable field, or certificate of pro-fessional standing, or who by extensive knowledge,training, and experience, has successfully demonstratedthe ability to solve or resolve problems relating to thesubject matter and work.
rated load: maximum allowable working load designatedby the manufacturer.
renmote control: a portable control device connected to themachine by a wire cable or linked by radio or other means.safety device: a means placed in use for the specific pur-pose of preventing an unsafe condition.
sheave: a grooved wheel or pulley used with a rope tochange the direction and point of application of apulling force.
shortrigging: one or more outriggers not fully extendedon the side away from the boom operational area.signal person: see spofter.
specific type (of material placenment system): a model, style, orsize classification of material placement system (e.g., threesection boom, four section boom, 50 meter class, conveyor).spotter: a signal person / spotter is a person positioned ata vantage point where both the point of discharge andthe operator of the material placement system can beseen and relays information to the operator.
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