ASME B30.13 pdf download

ASME B30.13 pdf download

ASME B30.13 pdf download 5torage/Retrieval and Associated Equipment Safety Standard for Cableways , Cranes , Derricks , Hoists , Hooks , Jacks , and Slings
SECTION 13-0.1:sCOPE OF B30.13
Within the general scope defined in Section I.ASME B30.13 applies to storage / retrieval (S / R)machines and associated equipment, such as aisle trans-fer cars and aisle equipment (as defined in para.13-0.2.1),and interfaces with other material handling equipmentcovered under other standards.The provisions of thisVolume applying to S/R machines shall apply equallyto the construction, installation, inspection, testing.
maintenance,and operation of aisle transfer cars andany load handling equipment that is part of or attachedto S/R machines or aisle transfer cars.
SECTION 13-0.2: DEFINITIONS13-0.2.1 Types of Equipment
sforage/retrievai(S/R) achine: a machine operating onfloor or other mounted rails) used for transferring aload from a storage compartment to a pickup anddeposit (P and D) station and from a P and D stationto astorage compartnent.The movement of thestorage/retrieval machine may be both verticaland parallel in theaisle.A storage / retrieval machine is sometimes called astorage crane or S/R machine, but it is different froma stacker crane. A typical unit load storage / retrievalmachine is shown in Fig.13-0.2.1-1.
aisle transfer car: a machine or vehicle for fransferringan S/R machine frorn aisle to aisle and that normallyruns on a rail or rails (see Fig. 13-0.2.1-2).
au tomafic (S/R) mackine: an S/R machine that, whenactivated, operates through a preset program cycle orcycles.
opexator ridden (S/R)macHine: an S/R machine, with acab attached to the machine and with an operator in thecab, whose movements can be controlled either manu-ally or autonatically (see Fig. 13-0.2.1-3).
13-0.2.2 General
aisle conductors: electrical feeders along the runway thatprovide power to the equipment.
autonatic or automatically: pertains to equipment func-tions that do not require the attention of the operatorcuring their functional operation.
brake: a device, other than a motor, used for retardingor stopping motion by means of friction or power.bunaper : an energy absorbing device for reducing impactwhen a moving S/R machine reaches the end of itspermitted travel, or when two moving S/R machinescome into contact.
cab: the operator’s compartment on the equipnent.carriage: that part of an S/R machine by which a loadis moved in the vertical direction.
carriage free-fall stop: a mechanism used to prevent orstop uncontrolled descent of the carriage in event of lossof support.
carriage-nounted cab: an operator’s cab that is attachedto the carriage of an S/R machine and moves verticallywith the carriage.
clearance: the distance between loads, structure , andequipment calculated to allow for operating and instal-lation tolerances,deflections,load displacement,andload integrity.
collectors: contacting devices for collecting current fromaisle conductors.
cortrol brakcing: a method of controlling speed by remov-ing energy from the moving body or by impartingenergy in the opposite direction.
control voltage: electrical voltage used in the control com-ponents and circuits.
design load: the maximum length,width, height,andweight of a load handled , including any pallet, container,slave pallet, or stacking tolerances.
drift point: a point on a travel motion master switch oron a manual controller that mnaintains the brake releasedwhile the motor is not energized. This allows forcoasting.

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