ASME B18.9 pdf download

ASME B18.9 pdf download

ASME B18.9 pdf download Plow Bolts
2.1.2 Unless otherwise specified in the order by the purchaser, bolts that are not threaded full length shall be furnished with full diameter body within the limits specified in the dimensions tables. On bolts that are threaded full length, the diameter of the unthreaded length under the head or neck shall not be less than the minimum pitch diameter of the thread.
2.1.3 Bolts may be obtained with reduced diameter body. Where reduced diameter body is specified, the body diameter shall be neither less than the minimum pitch diameter of the thread nor greater than the mini- mum major diameter of the thread. 2.2 Length 2.2.1 The length of a plow bolt is the overall dis- tance from the end of the bolt to the top of the head. The recommended lengths of plow bolts are given in Table 7. 2.2.2 Tolerances on length of bolts are specified in Table 8.
2.3 Threads
2.3.1 Thread Series and Class. Threads shall be Unified Coarse (UNC or UNRC Series), Class 2A, in accordance with ASME B1.1. Threads without any sur- face plating or coating will be accepted using the high and low limits of the applicable 2A thread gage (GO/NO GO). Coated or plated threads will be accept- able using the 3A high limit (GO) and 2A low limit (NO GO) gages for the applicable thread size.
2.3.2 Thread Gaging. Unless otherwise specified, dimensional acceptance of screw threads shall be deter- mined by using System 21 of ASME B1.3.
2.4 Thread Length The thread length is measured from the end of the bolt to the last complete (full form) thread. The mini- mum thread lengths are specified in Table 7. Tolerances on thread length are specified in Table 9.
2.5 Points Plow bolts are not ordinarily pointed. If pointed, the point shall be chamfered or rounded at the manufactur- er’s optionfromapproximately0.016 in. below the minor diameter of the thread. The first full-formed thread at major diameter shall begin at a point no greater than two times the thread pitch from the end of the bolt, as determined by the distance the point enters into a 2 cylindrical NO GO major diameter ring gage (see para. 3.1 in ASME B1.2).
2.6 Material and Mechanical Properties
2.6.1 Steel. Unless otherwise specified, chemical and mechanical properties of steel bolts shall conform to Grade A of ASTM A307 or Grade 1, Grade 5, or Grade 8 of SAE J429 as specified by the purchaser. Cold-headed steel bolts of nonheat-treated grades shall be stress relieved. 2.6.2 Other Materials. Nonferrous materials are covered in ASTM F468. Corrosion-resistant steels are covered in ASTM F593.
2.7 Identification Symbols
2.7.1 Grade Symbols. Each ofthe products included in this Standard shall be marked in accordance with the requirements of the applicable specification for its material and mechanical properties.
2.7.2 Source Symbols. Each of the products included in this Standard shall be marked to identify its source (manufacturer or private label distributor) in accordance with the requirements ofthe applicable spec- ification for its material and mechanical properties.
2.8 Workmanship Bolts shall be free from surface imperfections, such as burrs, seams, laps, loose scale, and other surface irreg- ularities that could affect their serviceability. When control of surface discontinuities is required, the purchaser shall specify conformance to ASTM F788/F788M.
2.9 Finish Unless otherwise specified, plow bolts shall be fur- nished with a natural (as processed) finish, withoutcoat- ing or plating.
2.10 Inspection and Quality Assurance Unless otherwise specified, acceptability of bolts shall be determined according to ASME B18.18.
2.11 Designation Plow bolts shall be designated by the product name, including regular or repair head, and ASME B18.9, the nominal size (diameter and length in fractional or deci- mal inches), the grade or material, and any required protective coating. EXAMPLE: No. 3 head plow bolt ASME B18.9 – .500 1.50 – SAE J429 Grade 5 – Plated ASTM F1941 Fe/Zn 5C

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