ASME B16.23 pdf download

ASME B16.23 pdf download

ASME B16.23 pdf download Cast Copper Alloy Solder Joint Drainage Fittings: DWV
6 SIZE (a) The size of the fittings scheduled in Tables 6-1 through 6-56 corresponds to the drainage tube size shown in ASTM B306. The size of the threaded ends (except slip joints) corresponds to the nominal pipe size. (b) Fittingsaredesignatedbythesizeoftheopeningsin the sequence illustrated in Figure 6-1. 7 MARKING (a) Each fitting shall be marked permanently and legibly with the manufacturer’s name or trademark and with “DWV” (to indicate Drain Waste Vent). (b) Vent fittings shall be permanently marked “VENT ONLY” (See Tables 6-43 and 6-44) and show the manu- facturer’s name or trademark in accordance with MSS SP-25. 8 MATERIAL Castings shall be copper alloy produced to meet (a) the requirements of ASTM B62 Alloy C83600; or (b) the chemical and tensile requirements of ASTM B584 Alloy 83800 or 84400, and in all other respects comply with the requirements of ASTM B62. 9 METAL THICKNESS Dimensionalvariationswilloccurinthecastingprocess. Pattern equipmentshall be designed to produce the metal thickness given for fittings in Table 6-2. Any final fitting metal wall thickness less than 90% of the thickness given in the table is unacceptable. 10 INSPECTION TOLERANCE 10.1 Convention For determining conformance with this Standard, the convention for fixing significant digits where limits (maximum and minimum values) are specified shall be as defined in ASTM E29. This requires that an observed orcalculatedvalueberoundedofftothenearestunitinthe lastright-hand digitused forexpressingthe limit. Decimal values and tolerances do notimplya particular method of measurement.
10.2 Linear Dimensions DWV fittings covered by this Standard shall conform to the layinglengths specified in Tables 6-4 through 6-56. An inspection tolerance, as shown in Table 6-1, shall be allowed on center-to-shoulder, center-to-threaded end, and shoulder-to-threaded end dimensions on all fittings havinginternal solder(cup) ends; and on center-to-solder end, solder end-to-shoulder, and solder end-to-threaded dimensions on all fittings having external solder (fitting) ends. The largest opening in the fitting governs the toler- ance to be applied to all openings. TheinspectiontoleranceforlayinglengthdimensionsA, B, and C(in Table 6-4) shall be double those shown above, except the minus tolerance applied to couplings; dimen- sion A shall not result in a dimension less than 2.3 mm (0.09 in.).
10.3 Ovality Maximum ovality shall not exceed 1% ofthe maximum diameters shown in Table 6-2. The average of the maximum and minimum diameters shall be within the dimensions shown in the table.
10.4 Alignment The maximum allowable variations in the regularalign- ment of all openings shall be 5 mm/m (0.06 in./ft).
10.5 Gaging of Solder Joint Ends (a) Standard Gaging Method ofSolder Joint Ends. The standard method of gaging the diameter tolerances for male and female ends shall be by the use of plain plug and ring gages designed to hold the product within the limits established in Table 6-2. (b) Optional Gaging Method ofSolder Joint Ends. For gaging the diameter tolerance of male and female ends, the manufacturer may use direct reading instruments instead of ring and plug gages as specified in (a). When gaging the diameters of male and female ends, using direct reading instruments, refer to para. 10.3.
11.1 General Threaded ends shall conform to the dimensional re- quirements contained within Table 6-3. Fitting threads shall be right-hand, conforming to ASME B1.20.1. They shall be taper threads (NPT) except for slip joint ends, which shall have straight pipe threads (NPSM).
11.2 Thread Dimensions All internal threads shall be countersunka distance not less than one-half the pitch of the thread at an angle of approximately 45 deg with the axis of the thread.
All external threads shall be chamferedatan angle of30 deg to 45 deg from the axis. This facilitates jointassembly and thread protection. Countersinking and chamfering shall be concentric to the threads. The length of threads specified in all tables shall be measured to include the countersink or chamfer.

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