ASME B107.11 pdf download

ASME B107.11 pdf download

5.9.2 Coating.All metal surfaces shall be coated toinhibit rust.Coatings shall be adherent,smooth,andcontinuous,and free from pits, blisters,nodules,andany other conditions that would interfere with their pro-tective value and serviceability.
5.10 Marking
Pliers shall be marked in a plain and permanent man-ner with the manufacturer’s name or with a trademarkof such known character that the source of manufactureand country of origin shall be readily determined. Mark-ing shall be as permanent as the normal life expectancyof the pliers to which it is applied (providing the markedsurface has not then been subjected to a fretting or abrad-ing action) and be capable of withstanding the cleaningnormally experienced during its intended use.
6.2 Cut Tests
Cut tests shall be performed per para.5.2 of ASMEB107.25M. Wire diameter and handle load are shown inTable 2 herein.
6.2.1 Steel Wire.Steel wine for cut tests shall beuncoated single-stranded having minimum tensilestrength of 180,000 psi (1 240 MPa) for Style A; 90,000
psi (620 MPa) for Style B; and 70,000 psi (400 MPa) forStyle C. Wire being cut may be loosely supported at thejaws by the operator in the manner ordinarily employed.6.2.2 Steel Wire Cut Test for Types l, ll, and lI. Threecuts shall be made at the joint end of the cutting edges,and the load required to completely sever the wire shallnot exceed the maximum handle load.Load shall beapplied at the point of maximum handle curvature (nor-mal gripping position).
6.2.3 Steel Wire cut Test for Type lV.A total of ninecuts shall be made. Three cuts shall made at the approxi-mate midpoint of the cutting edges, and the test loadrequired to completely sever the wire shall not exceedthe maximum handle load.Three cuts shall be made ateach end of the cutting edges with the wire located notmore than 0.13 in.(33 mm) from the respective ends.Load shall be applied at the point of maximum handlecurvature (normal gripping position).Load determina-tions shall not be required for cuts made at the ends ofthe cutting edges.
6.2.4 Paper cut Test.Following wire cut test,thepaper cut test shall be performed per ASME B107.25M,para.5.2.2. The cutting edges shall completely andcleanly cut bond paper. Load shall be applied at thepoint of maximum handle curvature (normal grippingposition).
6.3 Hardness Test
Hardnesses specified herein shall be tested in accor-dance with ASME B107.25M, para.5.3.Handle hardnessdctermination shall be taken approximately midwaybetween the fastener and the end of each handle.
6.4 Handle Load Test
Permanent set shall be tested in accordance with para.5.1 of ASME B107.25M.Loads are specified in Table 2herein. Load shall be applied at the point of maximumhandle curvature (normal gripping position). Grips,when provided, shall be removed prior to testing.
6.5 Solvent Resistance Test
Comfort grips and cisaion prip thret shall be ta ste din accordance with p?r.5.5 T tf A:NE B107.25M
6.6 Jaw Opening and Closing Test
Pliers shall be tested in accordance with para. 5.4.3of ASME B107.25M.The load required to open jaws to,or close jaws from, the respective minimum jaw openingshall not be greater than that shown in Table 3.Jawopening is specified in Tables 4,5,6, or 7.
7 TYPE,CLASS, AND STYLE PROVISIONS7.1 Type I, Diagonal Cutting,Regular Nose
Pliers shall be suitable for cutting wire close to flatsurfaces. One side of the jaws shall be recessed to providea suitable cutting edge clearance.
7.1.1 Type I, Class 1, Plain, Styles A,B, and C. Pliersshall be similar to Fig. 2and shall conform to dimensionsshown in Table 4 for the size specified.
7.1.2 Type I, Class 2, With Stripping Notches andskinning Hole,Styles A and B. Pliers shall have a wshaped notch on the outside of each jaw and a 0.052 in.上0.005 in.(1.32 mm 土0.13 mm) diameter hole in thecutting edges for stripping insulation from wire. Pliersshall be similar to Fig.3 and shall conform to dimensionsshown in Table 4 for the size specified.
7.1.1 Type l, Class 3.With Cushion Grip Thoat, StviasA and El. Pliers shall be s imilar to Ty pe I, Cass 1, 1 axi ep tthe jaws shall h.ave a cu’shion grip that.P’ie2s sltallbasimilar to Fig. 4, conform to dimensions shown in Table
4 for the size specified, and meet the requirements ofpara.5.7.3.
7.2 Type ll, Regular Nose, Compound Action
Pliers shall be of a compound leverage constructionwith spring-operated, self-opening handles and shall havea positive stop. Pliers shall be similar to the illustra-
tion in Table 5 and conform to the dimensions shownin Table 5 for the size specified.
7.3 Type ll,Diagonal Cutting.Heavy Duty,High Leverage,Styles A, B, and c
Pliers shall be suitable for cutting wire close to flatsurfaces. One side of the jawsshall be recessed to providea suitable cutting edge clearance.Pliers shall be similarto the illustration in Table 6and shall conform to dimen-sions shown in Table 6 for the size specified.

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