ASME ASP pdf download

ASME ASP pdf download

ASME ASP pdf download Safety Standard for Automotive Service and Maintenance Products
2-1.1 Rated Capacity
All ASMPs shall have the rated capacity marked in aprominent location on the ASMP by casting imprint,metal stamp, or use of durable materials and attachmentmethods.These rated capacities should be stated asrequired based upon the nature of the ASMP.
2-1.2 ldentification
Each ASMP shall include identification or identifyingmarks of the original manufacturer or supplier by cast-ing imprint, metal stamp, or use of durable materialsand attachment methods. The manufacturer or suppliershall be able to identify the date of manufacture of eachASMP.
2-1.3 Safety Markings
Each ASMP shall include safety signs, labels, or bothdeveloped by the manufacturer or supplier. The signsor labels shall be affixed by use of durable materialsand attachment methods to each ASMP in a locationvisible to the operator. The ANSI Z535 series of stan-dards containing guidelines for product safety signsshall be followed.
Examples of safety markings for specific types ofASMPs are listed in paras. 3-3.1,4-3.1,5-3.1,6-3.1, and7-3.1 of this Standard.
2-2.1 Product Manuals and lnstructions
Each ASMPshall be provided with an owner’s manualor operator’s instructions. The instructions shall specifythe proper operating procedures and basic function ofthe components. The instructions shall specify the rec-ommended replacement fluids and the maintenance andinspection procedures and intervals, as applicable. For-mats shall follow the ANSI Z535 series of standardscontaining guidelines for instructions and manuals.Copy conveying the intent of section 2-3 shall beincluded with the instructions.Consideration should begiven to multilanguage literature and decals.
2-2.2 Safety Messages
The instructions shall convey the safety markings andmessages listed in paras. 3-3.i,3-3.2,4-3.1,4-3.2,5-3.1,5-3.2, 6-3.1, 6-3.2, 7-3.1, and 7-3.2 of this Standard, but need not be verbatim or limited to those listed.
2-3.1 Operation The owner and operator shall have an understanding of the product, its operating characteristics, and safety operating instructions before operating the ASMP. Safetyinformationshall be emphasizedand understood. If the operator is not fluent in English, the product and safety instructions shall be read to and discussed with the operator in the operator’s native language by the purchaser or owner or his designee, making sure that the operator comprehends their contents.
2-3.2 Maintenance The ASMP shall be maintained in accordance with the product instructions.
2-3.3 Inspection
(a) Visual inspection shall be made before each use of the ASMP by checking for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds; leaks; and damaged, loose, or miss- ing parts.
(b) Other inspections shall be made per product operating instructions.
(c) Each ASMP shall be inspected immediately if the device is believed to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock. This inspection should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility.
(d) Owners and operators should be aware that repair of this equipment may require specialized knowledge and facilities. An annual inspection of the ASMP should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility, and any defective parts, decals, or safety labels or signs should be replaced with the manufactur- er’s or supplier’s specified parts. A list of authorized repair facilities is available from the manufacturer or supplier.
2-3.4 Damaged Equipment Any ASMP that appears to be damaged in any way, is found to be worn, or operates abnormally shall be removed from service until repaired. Necessary repairs should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility if repairs are permitted by the manufacturer or supplier.
2-3.5 Alterations Because of potential hazards associated with this type of equipment, no alterations shall be made to the product.
2-3.6 Attachment and Adapters Only attachments and adapters supplied by or approved by the manufacturer shall be used. Attach- ments and adapters shall be marked in accordance with section 2-1 of this Standard. The use of adapters with the host ASMP shall not increase the capacity of the host. When attachments or adapters are used with the host, the rated capacity of the system shall be that of the lowest-rated component that makes up the unit.

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