ASME A112.19.19 pdf download

ASME A112.19.19 pdf download

ASME A112.19.19 pdf download Vitreous China Nonwater Urinals
6.1 General This section presents test methods and performance requirements for all nonwater urinals.
6.2 Selection of Test Urinal and General Instructions
6.2.1 The manufacturer shall provide three sam- ples of the urinal model to be tested. One sample shall be chosen at random by laboratory personnel and tested to all ofthe requirements specified in this Standard. That urinal is referred to herein as the “test urinal.”
6.2.2 Thetesturinal shallbe installed inaccordance with instructions within the test enclosure specified in para. Preparations and general instructions for testing shall be as specified in para. The test urinal shall be plumb and the trap and outlet clear. If applicable, the test urinal shall be filled with the manufacturer’s specified sealant liquid to the trap weir level before making each test run. If the urinal utilizes a removable cartridge, an unused car- tridge supplied bythe manufacturerand filled withfluid to the manufacturer’s specified level shall be inserted into the urinal in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
6.3 Resistance to Stoppage
6.3.1 Test Method. Two unfiltered cigarette pieces shall be deposited into the test urinal. The length of the cigarette pieces shall be 1.5 in. ± 0.25 in. (38 mm ± 6.4 mm) and created by folding an unfiltered cigarette back upon itself such that the cigarette paper tears or breaks apart in approximately one-half lengths. Tap water shall be added to the unit at a flow rate of 1 pint (0.5 L) per min. Cigarette pieces and water shall be alternately added to the test urinal until a total of 20 cigarette pieces and 10 pints of water have been added. The cigarette pieces shall then be removed from the test urinal, and the test shall be conducted five additional times (for a total ofsixtestreplicates). Alternate between unfiltered and crumpled unfiltered cigarettes per test so that three tests are conducted using unfiltered cigarettes and three tests are conducted using crumpled unfiltered cigarettes.
6.3.2 Performance Requirement. There shall be no evidence of stoppage or clogging during each test run with cigarette pieces in the fixture and when removed.
6.4 Tightness Test of Removable Trap
6.4.1 Test Method. The trap insert shall be installed and removed 50 times using the extractor tool provided by the manufacturer. This shall be considered one repeti- tion. Upon completion of the extractions and insertions, the trapway shall be subjected to an air-pressure test at the trapway inlet of 1.45 psi (0.1 bar) for a minimum of 15 min. This test shall be repeated for a total of five repetitions of test sets (50 times each).
6.4.2 Performance Requirement. There shall be no pressure loss at any time during the test.
6.5 Evaluation Testing for Ammonia 6.5.1 Test Method Selection ofthe Urinal-CleaningChemical. Function tests of the test urinal shall be conducted using the specific chemicals and/or cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. The chemical and/or cleaner shall be selected on a random basis from consumer-sized pack- ages provided by the manufacturer. Test Enclosure Configuration and Urinal Mounting The test urinal shall be installed in accordance with para.
6.2 within an enclosed area that is set aside for the test. A surround test enclosure shall be provided in a configuration that isolates the test uri- nal and test regions from laboratory space conditioning air motion, i.e., no draft air motion or exchanges that can disorderthe accuracyofthe sampling measurements shall be permitted. The test enclosure shall have a single entry door and suitable temperature control that main- tains an air temperature between 68°F and 100°F (20°C to 38°C). The door is required to allow entry and exit of personnel for installation of the test urinal and required test instrumentation and conduct of the test, including the monitoring of test instrumentation.ASME A112.19.19 pdf download

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