ASME A112.14.4 pdf download

ASME A112.14.4 pdf download

ASME A112.14.4 pdf download GREASE REMOVAL DEVICES
2.3 Maintenance and Operating Instructions Each GRD shall be provided with service instructions, which include a trouble shooting guide as well as instructions for performing necessary servicing or ob- taining outside servicing. Units shall be provided with complete maintenance and operating instructions. 2.4 Electrical Requirements All electrical components used in the GRD shall conform to the appropriate standards listed in para. 1.3.
3.1 General The following test protocol has been established in order to demonstrate that the GRD is capable of remov- ing accumulated grease in the amount equal to 100% of its rated capacity within 24 hr and to establish that the removed grease contains no more than 5% water by volume.
3.2 Description of Test Setup
3.2.1 Test Stand
(a) The GRD to be tested shall be installed on the test stand as described in ASME A112.14.3 and in Fig. 1. The grease discharge shall be connected to or shall feed a container of sufficient size to hold 150% of the rated capacity of fats, oils, and grease from the GRD. This container shall be positioned in a location recommended by the manufacturer of the GRD in the installation instructions for the product.
(b) The GRD shall be connected to an appropriate electrical supply as described in the installation instruc- tions and as required on the electrical data plate on 2 the GRD, if applicable. The electrical circuit shall be fused or otherwise protected and shall be appropriately grounded. If required by the manufacturer, ground fault protection shall be provided. (c) All warning devices (which indicate grease levels) shall be installed on the GRD or remotely located as described in the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
3.2.2 Grease Delivery System (Grease Meter- ing Sink). A floor sink of sufficient volume to contain 10% of the rated grease capacity of the GRD being tested shall be connected through a ball valve to the horizontal line between the base of the vertical waste riser [ASME A112.14.3, para.] and the GRD inlet (See Fig. 1). This floor sink shall be used to meter grease into the GRD.
3.2.3 Test Materials. Lard, as required in ASME A112.14.3, shall be used to conduct this test.
3.3 GRD Conditioning Prior to starting the test increments, the GRD shall be cleaned of all grease from previous tests and filled with fresh water to the static water level. The water shall be at a temperature of 70±10°F (21±6°C). All electronic and mechanical components shall be set as described in the manufacturer’s instructions for normal operation.
3.4 Grease Removal Test 3.4.1 The rated retention capacity ofthe GRD submit- ted for test shall be determined in accordance with ASME A112.14.3.
3.4.2 During the test, water at 110±5°F (43±3°C) shall be introduced to maintain static water level within the GRD during continuous operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
3.4.3 All GRD controls shall be set in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
3.5 Accept/Reject Criteria
3.5.1 After completion of the removal test, the volume of grease removed by the GRD shall be not less than 50% of its rated capacity.
3.5.2 During the test interval, at no time shall accumulated grease within the GRD exceed its rated retention capacity.

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