AS NZS 60079.5 pdf download – Explosive atmospheres Part 5: Equipment protection by powdered filling ‘q’

AS NZS 60079.5 pdf download – Explosive atmospheres Part 5: Equipment protection by powdered filling ‘q’

AS NZS 60079.5 pdf download – Explosive atmospheres Part 5: Equipment protection by powdered filling ‘q’
This part of IEC 60079 contains specific requirements for the construction,testing andmarking of electrical equipment,parts of electrical equipment and Ex components in the typeof protection powder filling “q”, intended for use in explosive gas atmospheres.
NOTE 1 Electrical equipment and Ex components protected by powder filling “a”can contain electronic circuits,
transformers,protection fuses,relays,intrinsically safe clectrical apparatus,associated electrical apparatus,
NOTE 2 Type of protection powder filling “q” provides Equipment Protection Level(EPL) Gb ar Mb.
This standard supplements and modifies the general requirements of lEC 60079-0. Where arequirement of this standard conflicts with a requirement of IEC 60079-0, the requirement ofthis standard takes precedence.
This standard applies to electrical equipment,parts of electrical equipment and Excomponents with:
a rated supply current less than or equal to 16 A;a rated supply voltage less than or equal to 1 0oo v;
a rated power consumption less than or equal to 1 0oo w.
2Normative references
The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document andare indispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.Forundated’references,the latest edition of the referenced document (including anyamendments) applies.
IEC 60079-0,Explosive atmospheres – Part 0:Equipment – General requirements
IEC 60079-7,Explosive atmospheres – Part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety “e”IEC 60079-11,Explosive atmospheres – Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety “yIEC 60127 (all parts),Miniature fuses
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IEC 61558-1,Safety of power transformers,power supplies, reactors and similar products -Part 1: General requirements and tests
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ISO 2859-1,Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes – Part 1: Sampling schemesindexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection
ISO 3310-2,Test sieves – Technical requirements and testing – Part 2: Test sieves ofperforated metal plate
ISO 2591-1,Test sieving – Methods using test sieves of woven wire cloth and perforatedmetal plate
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document,the terms and definitions given in lEC 60079-0 as well asthe following apply.
NOTE Additional definitions applicable to explosive atmospheres can be found in lIEC 60050-426.3.1
powder filling “q”
type of protection in which the parts capable of igniting an explosive gas atmosphere are fixedin position and completely surrounded by filling material to prevent the ignition of an externalexplosive gas atmosphere
Note 1 to entry: The type of protection may not prevent the surrounding explosive gas atmosphere frompenetrating into the equipment and components and being ignited by the circuits. However, due to the small freevolumes in the filling material and due to the quenching of a flame which may propagate through the paths in thefilling material, an external explosion is prevented.
filling material
solid quartz or solid glass particles
container (for filling material)
housing immediately surrounding the electrical equipment protected by and containing thefilling material
Note 1 to entry: The container may, in some cases, also be the external enclosure.
4constructional requirements
4.1 Containers
4.1.1 Closing and sealing4.1.1.1General
Containers of electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment or Ex components protectedby powder filling “q” shall be filled and sealed at the time of manufacture.The closing andsealing shall be the methods of or permanently sealed at the time of manufacture
The container shall be permanently sealed at the time of manufacture and shall not becapable of being opened without leaving visible evidence that the container has been opened.The container shali be marked in accordance with Clause 6, item a).
NOTE Suitable techniques that can provide visible evidence of containers being opened are,for example,welding, soldering, cemented joints, rivets,cementing of screws,or lead-seal safety-wiring of screws.
4.1 .1 .3 Containers intended to be opened for repair Electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment, or Ex components that are designed to be repaired shall incorporate sealing methods that are capable of being renewed without damage to the container when the equipment is repaired, re-filled, and re-sealed. The container shall be marked in accordance with Clause 6, item b).

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