AS 2812 pdf download – Welding, brazing and cutting of metals— Glossary of terms

AS 2812 pdf download – Welding, brazing and cutting of metals— Glossary of terms

AS 2812 pdf download – Welding, brazing and cutting of metals— Glossary of terms
gas metal-arc welding
Arc welding using a consumable continuous solid
electrode that provides the filler metal. Shielding isobtained entirely from an externally supplied gas or gasmixture.
gas tungsten-arc welding
Arc welding using a non-consumable electrode of pure
or activated tungsten with or without the use of filler
TIG welding
metal. Shielding is obtained from an externally suppliedgas or gas mixture.
1.058gas welding
Welding in which the heat for welding is produced bythe combustion of acetylene with an admixture ofoxygen. Filler metal(s) may or may not be used.
1.059gravity welding
Arc welding wherein heating is provided by an arcbetween the work and a covered electrode, which is fedinto the weld pool by gravitational forces through amechanism that also provides translatory motion.
1.060HF pressure welding
Pressure welding in which heat derived from a highfrequency alternating electric current of at least 10 kHz,induced or conducted into the work piece,is used toplasticize the surfaces to be united.
1.061HF resistance welding
Resistance welding in which an alternating electriccurrent of at least 10 kHz is fed through contacts of thework to provide the heat for welding. The highfrequency current concentrates along adjacent surfacesto produce highly localized heat prior to the applicationof welding force.
1.062high energy rate
Solid state welding where the heat for welding is
obtained by rapid internal frictional heatingatextremely high deformation rates at the weld interfaceas a result of the discharge of stored energy. The energysource may be pneumatic,hydraulic,mechanical,orchemical.
1.063hot cropping
oxygen cutting of hot ingots, blooms, billets, and slabsto required lengths.
1.064hot pressure welding
Solid state welding where both heat and pressure areused to produce plastic flow of the surfaces to bejoined.
1.065induction brazing
Brazing in which heat required is obtained from theresistance of the parts to be joined to induced electriccurrent. Filler metal is pre-placed and a protectiveatmosphere may be used.
1.066induction soldering
Soldering in which the heat required is obtained fromthe resistance of the work to induced electric current.Filler metal is pre-placed and a protective atmospheremay be used.
1.068inertia friction welding
Friction welding, where the energy provided by theinertia of parts moving relatively produces the heat forwelding.
infrared brazing
A furnace brazing process wherein the heat required isfurnished by infrared radiation.
infrared soldering
Soldering in which the required heat is furnished byinfrared radiation.
interrupted seam
Resistance welding in which force is applied
continuously and current intermittently to produce alinear weld, the work piece being between two electrodewheels or between an electrode wheel and an electrodebar. The wheels apply the force and current and rotatecontinuously during the making of the linear weld.
1.072ion beam welding
Radiation welding carried out in vacuum,wherein theheat for welding is obtained by concentrating a beam ofaccelerated ions on the work piece.
1.073iron soldering
Soldering in which the required heat is obtained from asoldering bit.
1.074laser-beam cutting
A cutting process that severs materials with the heatobtained from the application of aconcentratedcoherent light beam impinging upon the work piece tobe cut. The process can be used with or withoutexternally supplied gas.
1.075laser-beam welding
Radiation welding wherein the heat for welding isobtained by concentrating a beam of coherent light onthe work piece.
1.076MAG welding
Gas metal-arc welding where a reactive gas,a mixtureof reactive gases,or a mixture of reactive and inertgases, is used for shielding.
magnetic rotating arc
See magnetically impelled arc butt welding.
magnctically impelled
A solid state welding process for tubular components
arc butt welding
wherein, prior to the application of forging pressure, the
rotating arc welding
heat for welding is obtained by rotating an electric arcbetween the abuttingsurfaces by meansofelectromagnetic forces.
manual metal-arc
Arc welding with a covered electrode manually applied
welding (MMAW)
by the welder, without automatic or semi-automaticreplacement of the electrode. Shielding is provided onlyby decomposition of the electrode covering.

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