AS 3013 pdf download – Electrical installations—Classification of the fire and mechanical performance of wiring system elements

AS 3013 pdf download – Electrical installations—Classification of the fire and mechanical performance of wiring system elements

AS 3013 pdf download – Electrical installations—Classification of the fire and mechanical performance of wiring system elements
1.1 sCOPE
This Standard sets out a classification system for wiring system elements. The classificationis according to the wiring system’s ability to—
(a)maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions for a specified period; and(b)maintain circuit integrity against mechanical damage of specified severity.
lt specifies type tests to classify the performance of the various types of wiring systemelements.
lf an assembled wiring system is tested to this Standard, the classification achieved cannotbe assigned to any one of its individual elements. The wiring system classification achievedshall only be applicable to the assembled wiring system as tested.
This Standard does not address the screening function of screened cables after exposure tofire conditions.
NOTE:Elements of a wiring system might need replacement after exposure to fire conditions ormechanical damage.
This Standard is referenced in the Building Code of Australia.
This Standard applies only to the testing and classification of wiring systems elements thatare in all other respects safe and suitable for their intended use and comply with otherrelevant Standards.
A wiring system is then assembled using the individual elements and a fire and mechanicalperformance classification for the assembled system is established.
The fire protection classification of a wiring system shall not be greater than the fireprotection classification of its lowest classified element.
The mechanical protection classification of an assembled wiring system shall not be lessthan the mechanical protection classification of its highest classified element.For example,if a cable of low classification is protected by an enclosure of higher classification theassembled system is assigned the classification of the enclosure.
The use of wiring system elements tested in accordance with this Standard may not benecessary where parts (or components) of building construction provide satisfactoryprotection against fire conditions and mechanical damage.
NOTE:The degree of protection against fire conditions and mechanical damage required of awiring system or its elements is dependent on the application.Appendix F describes methods ofprotection of wiring system elements against the fire conditions and mechanical damage forwhich testing may not be considered necessary.
The following documents are referred to in this Standard:
AS 1074 Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service
1530 Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures
1530.4 Part 4: Fire-resistance tests of elements of building construction AS/NZS
1125 Conductors in insulated electric cables and flexible cords
2053 Conduits and fittings for electrical installations (all parts)
3000 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)
3187 Approval and test specification—Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed cables
3808 Insulating and sheathing materials for electric cables
5000 Electric cables—Polymeric insulated
5000.1 Part 1: For working voltages up to and including 0.6/1 (1.2) kV
For the purpose of this Standard the definitions given in AS/NZS 3000 and those below apply:
1.4.1 Busway
A wiring system comprising rigid conductors spaced apart,rigidly supported on insulatingmaterial within a duct, trunk or similar enclosure.
A single core, or two or more cables cores laid up together, either with or without fillings,reinforcements, or protective coverings.
1.4.3 Cable core
The conductor with its insulation but not including any mechanical protective covering.
1.4.4 Cable, mineral insulated metal sheathed (MIMS)
A cable having compressed powdered mineral insulation enclosed in metal sheathing.Suchcable may be either single-core or multicore.Such cable may be bare sheath or PVC served.1.4.5Circuit integrity
The ability of an electrical circuit to perform the function for which it has been designed.
1.4.6 Element of a wiring system
A part or component of the wiring system.
1.4.7 Enclosed wiring system
A wiring system protected by means of an enclosure against fire conditions and mechanicaldamage.
1.4.8 Enclosure
A part providing protection against fire conditions and mechanical damage and againstcontact with live parts.

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