AS 3010 pdf download – Electrical installations—Generating sets

AS 3010 pdf download – Electrical installations—Generating sets

AS 3010 pdf download – Electrical installations—Generating sets
This Section gives general requirements for the location, protection, control and connectionof generating sets. Additional requirements,relevant to permanently connected generatingsets and plug and socket-outlet connected generating sets,are given in Sections 3 and 4respectively.
Generating sets shall not be operated in locations where exhaust gases,smoke or fumescould reach dangerous concentrations or enter either directly or indirectly any enclosedareas occupied by persons.
In addition,generating sets shall not be installed—
(a)in damp situations or exposed to the weather unless suitably protected; or
(b)in hazardous areas,unless the equipment and method of installation complies with
AS/NZS 3000 and the additional requirements of any relevant Regulatory Authority.2.3MECHANICAL AND THERMAL PROTECTION
2.3.1 Protection from mechanical damage
All components of a generating set including mechanical parts,fuel systems,wiring,switches,instruments and controls shall be adequately protected against mechanicaldamage.
2.3.2 Protection from moving parts
All moving parts that may cause injury to persons shall be protected by barriers to preventunintentional personal contact with such parts. The protection shall be provided by guards,enclosures, railings or fences.
l Regulatory Authorities may have additional requirements for the guarding of machinery.2Guidance on the protection from moving parts is provided in AS 4024.1.
2.3.3 Protection against thermal effects
All parts of a generating set which operate at temperatures in excess of 120C shall beprotected or positioned to prevent accidental personal contact.
NOTE: Guidance on temperature limits for electrical equipment is given in AS/NZS 3000.2.3.4 Protection against fuel leakage
Any tanks or filling facilities associated with flammable fuels shall not be—
(a)installed in the vicinity of high temperature surfaces or equipment that may emit arcs,
sparks or hot particles;or
(b)located in such a position that spilled or leaking fuel could fall on such high
temperature surfaces or equipment.
NOTE:Attention is drawn to additional requirements that may be specified by relevantRegulatory Authorities. See AS 1940 for requirements affecting the storage and handling offlammable fuels.
Adequate means shall be provided to control—
(a)the sequence of operations necessary for the safe starting, running and shutting down
of the generating set; and
(b)the voltage and frequency of the generating set output supply; and(c)the speed of the prime mover.
2.4.2 Isolating devices
Every prime mover shall be provided with an isolating device,which may be a shutdowndevice, to prevent the starting of the generating set when inspection, repair or maintenanceis being carried out.
NOTE: An emergency shutdown device may also be necessary under certain conditions.
The isolating device shall prevent the generating set being started by any automatic deviceor remote control switch.
Where a switch located in a control or starting circuit is used for this purpose,it shalldisconnect all live conductors of the circuit. Location
The isolating device shall be readily accessible to maintenance or other authorizedpersonnel and be—
(a)installed adjacent to or on the generating set so that a person operating the device has
a clear view of any person working on the machine; or
(b)provided with a means of securing the device in the isolated position that requires a
deliberate action to engage or disengage it.
Where generating sets are to be synchronized with an Electricity Distributor’s system,particular requirements should be obtained from the Electricity Distributor.
Where generating sets are to be synchronized with one another,consideration should begiven to any particular requirements for control,protection and synchronization of suchgenerating sets.
The electrical installation shall be in accordance with the appropriate requirements ofAS/NZS 3000.Safety clearances for parts at high voltage are provided in AS 2067.
2.5.2 Overcurrent protection
All outgoing circuits from a generating set shall be provided with overcurrent protection atthe generating set,except where an alternative position,or the omission of overcurrentprotective devices, is permitted by AS/NZS 3000.

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