AS 5715 pdf download – Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) for roadside devices

AS 5715 pdf download – Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) for roadside devices

AS 5715 pdf download – Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) for roadside devices
1.3.9 Maintenance bypass (path)
Alternative power path provided to maintain continuity of load power during maintenanceactivities.
1.3.10 Maintenance bypass switch
Switch designed to isolate a UPS, or part thereof,from the load and to maintain continuityof load power via an alternative path during maintenance activities.
1.3.11 Primary power
Power supplied by an clectrical utility company or by a user’s generator.
1.3.12 Rated current
Input or output current of the UPS as declared by the manufacturer.
1.3.13 Rated voltage
Input or output voltage of the UPS as declared by the manufacturer.
1.3.14 Rated voltage range
Input or output voltage range of the UPS as declared by the manufacturer, expressed by itslower and upper rated voltages.
1.3.15Stand-alone UPS
UPs contained within a dedicated housing.1.3.16Static bypass (electronic bypass)
Power path (primary or stand-by) alternative to the indirect a.c. converter, where control isvia an electronic power switch,for example,a transistor,thyristor,triac or othersemiconductor device or devices.
1.3.17Static bypass switch
UPS switch designed to provide static bypass function.
1.3.18Stored energy mode
Operation of the UPS when supplied by the following conditions:
(a)Primary power is disconnected or is out of a given tolerance.
(b)Battery is being discharged.
(c)Load is within the given range.
(d)Output voltage is within the given tolerance.
1.3.19 Uninterruptible power system (UPS)
Combination of convertors,switches and energy storage devices (such as batteries),constituting a power system for maintaining continuity of load power in case of input powerfailure.
NOTE: Continuity of load power occurs when voltage and frequency are within rated steady-stateand transient tolerance bands and with distortion and interruptions within the limits specified forthe load. Input power failure occurs when voltage and frequency are outside rated steady-stateand transient tolerance bands or with distortion or interruptions outside the limits specified for theuPS.
1.3.20 UPs controller
Component of a UPS consisting of a battery management system, an inverter, a switchingmechanism and a control/monitoring interface.
1.3.21 UPS double-conversion operation
UPs operation,where continuity of load power is maintained by a UPs inverter,withenergy supplied from the d.c. link in normal mode of operation or from the energy storagesystem in stored energy mode of operation.
NOTE: The output voltage and frequency are independent of input voltage and frequencyconditions.
1.3.22 UPS line-interactive operation
UPS operation where,in normal mode of operation, the load is supplied with conditioneda.c. input power at the input supply frequency and where,in stored energy mode ofoperation, the load is supplied from the output of an inverter.
1.3.23 UPS passive stand-by operation
UPS operation where the normal mode of operation consists of supplying the load from theprimary power source, except when the latter is outside stated limits, in which case the loadis supplied from the UPS inverter operating in stored energy mode.

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