AS 4568 pdf download – Preparation of a safety and operating plan for gas networks

AS 4568 pdf download – Preparation of a safety and operating plan for gas networks

AS 4568 pdf download – Preparation of a safety and operating plan for gas networks
The Plan should commence with an introduction. This should cover the following—(a)scope and objectives of the Plan;
(b)references to legislation; and
(c)identification of those responsible for,and the contributors to, the preparation and
maintenance of the plan.
The Plan should provide a description of the network. The descriptions specified inClauses 2.2 to 2.6 are intended only for the identification of risks that apply to the keystakeholders, as associated with the network construction, operations and maintenance. Thedescriptions may be in summaries where appropriate. These summaries should makereference to detailed information available from the network operator.
Description of the network physical scale and dimensions,such as—(a)geographical location and spread;
(b)length/size/pipe materials/operating pressures;
(c)custody transfer points affecting the safety of the system; and(d)gas supply and pressure control systems,
should be recorded.
This information should be in summary form,including use of,or reference to,suitablemaps, drawings, diagrams, lists and registers.
Description (by listing) of primary Codes and Standards of design and construction of thenetwork, and primary Codes and Standards used for operations.
The operating parameters are to be sufficiently detailed to allow assessment of the risksfrom loss of supply and over pressure of supply.The details of the relevant operatingparameters may be embodied in the description of the management systems.
Description of the contracted gas delivered quality specification and the safe range andlimits of relevant gas characteristics (including; detection levels of odourant). Gascharacteristics include physical properties and lowest specified odourant level throughoutthe network.
Description of the resources to safely operate and maintain the system throughout its life cycle.
These resource details may include—
(a) numbers, qualifications, experience and span of control over the necessary work force;
(b) description of other necessary resources;
(c) means to ensure that resources are monitored and maintained; and
(d) system support availability and backup provisions.
3.1 GENERAL The Plan should describe how the operator would provide safe network management. The operator should reach agreement with the regulatory authority on how much detail is to be provided in the Plan and how much the Plan can refer to safety processes and systems for that detail. It is intended that appropriate indicators for safety will enable the Plan to contain less detail. The safe management of an operating gas distribution network is primarily the management of a safe and reliable gas supply and associated facilities for the duration of the operational life cycle of those assets and their disposal. This Section gives guidance on the essential elements of a Plan.
3.2.1 General The Plan should describe the design principles applied to ensure that all identified hazards and risks are eliminated or reduced to as low a level as is reasonably practical during the life cycle of the network. The design requirements should include both the physical assets and the operating systems of the network.
3.2.2 Design inputs
Key inputs to the design process should include—
(a) hazard identification and review;
(b) identification of appropriate standards and/or legislative requirements;
(c) current and proposed network operating parameters; and
(d) current best practices.
3.2.3 Design process controls
Controls over the design process should include—
(a) company procedures and policies;
(b) risk reduction strategies;
(c) modelling and sizing of networks;
(d) material and component selection; and
(e) approval control.
3.2.4 Design outputs
The outputs from design should include—
(a) performance standards, both in terms of risks and operational performance;
(b) construction plans and specifications; and
(c) specific operational procedures required for safe operation.
3.3 MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS The Plan should describe how the network operator ensures control over the purchase and use of materials critical to the safe and reliable operation of the gas network. These may include pipes, fittings and components, which carry or control gas, as well as any equipment that may otherwise impact on the performance of the network.

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