AS 1851 pdf download – Amendment No. 2 to AS 1851—2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment

AS 1851 pdf download – Amendment No. 2 to AS 1851—2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment

AS 1851 pdf download – Amendment No. 2 to AS 1851—2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment
Clause 1.9
Add a new third paragraph and an example as follows:
‘The interface diagram required in Clause 1.12 and, in the case of sprinkler andhydrant systems, the pressure gauge schedule required in Tables and 4.4.2,shall be prepared and displayed as part of the maintenance activity.Other systemelements or components that were not required as part of the design at the time of theoriginal installation need not be retrofitted and the related maintenance activity shallnot be considered a defect if not performed.
Example: A system installed to CA 16 is required to have a pressure gauge scheduleand interface diagram fitted, but does not require the retrospective fitting of flow testequipment to be in accordance with this Standard.’
Table 1.11(B)
Column 2 (Tolerance), row two (Weckly),delete ‘3 working days’and replace with‘ working days”.
Table 1.15
Column 5(Logbooks), row 17(Section 1 8) delete ‘18,2.6’and replace with‘’.
Clause 1.15.2
Add the following note at the end of the clause:
NOTE: It is recommended that maintenance records be retained for a minimum period ofseven years.
Clause 1.15.5
Delete ‘shall take the form of a condition report’from first line of paragraph 1, andreplace with “shall take the form of one or more condition reports”.
Clause 1.16 (new)
Add a new Clause 1.16, including commentary, as follows:1.16TRANSITIONALARRANGEMENTS
Arrangements for transitioning from previous editions of AS 1851 to this Standardshall be treated on a site-by-site basis.
c1.16 Guidelines for transitioning are as follovws:
(a) Where this Standard contains a new activity,the frequency interval for thatactivity may start from commencemen of maintenance in accordance with thisStandard except that, in order to observe the intended frequency interval betweenactivities,new three-monihly and six-monthly activities should siart approximatelythree and six months, respectively, after the previous annual acrivity.
where this Standard provides a schedule for an activity identical or similar to anactivity required by a previous Standard,the frequency interval for that activitymay siart from the dale that the frequency interval for the corresponding activitycommenced. By way of example,where a five-yearly activity was conducted twoyears prior io iniroducingthis Standard the five-yearly activity should beconducted in three vears time.
(b) Data within the sprinkler or hydrant pressure gauge schedule may beestablished and displayed as each aciivity is undertaken such that at the end of theyear ‘s activities, the pressure gauge schedule would be finalised.
Delete second paragraph, including Items (a) to (d) and Commentary and replace withthe fol1owing:
Weekly inspection and testing may be omitted, provided the following conditions aremet:
(a)The main stop valve is Class B monitored at the building CIE or in accordance
with AS 2118.1. Where the control assemblies are located in a locked cabinet,locked cage,or within a locked room that is used for no other purpose,or wherebuilding and site security provisions provide the same level of controlled access,this requirement is considered to have been met.
Alternatively,where the control assemblies form part of a combined sprinklerand hydrant system and are located in fire-isolated stairwells this requirement isalso considered to have been met.
(b)Water supply valves,except underground key-operated valves,are secured in
the open position,with the main stop valve strapped and padlocked and all othervalves chained and padlocked.
(c)Where required to minimize unwanted alarms, systems incorporate an automatic
installation jacking pump or retard chamber, whichever is appropriate.
NOTE:Fire Protection Industry padlocks and keyed locksets are considered satisfactoryfor valve and enclosure locks.
Delete the text of this Clause and replace with the following:
Inspection and test of compression ignition engine driven pumpsets shall comply withClauses 3.4.1 to 3.4.3.
Weekly inspection and test may be omitted,provided pumpset systems comply withAS 2941——2002 or incorporate the following:
(a)Starting battery(s) complying with AS 4029.2,AS 4029.3 or AS 3731.1 and
AS 3731.2.
(b)Starting battery charging circuit monitoring incorporating local aural and visual
alarms at the pump controller.
(c)Low fuel level monitoring incorporating local aural and visual alarms at the
pump controller.
NOTE:Low fuel level monitoring equipment may take the form of a probe assemblyfitted to a modified fuel filler cap.
Where weekly testing is omitted, engine-starting battery(ies) shall be replaced after amaximum of two years service, irrespective of condition.

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