BS ISO 10667-1 pdf download

BS ISO 10667-1 pdf download

BS ISO 10667-1 pdf download Assessment service delivery — Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings Part 1: Requirements for the client
g) ensure that assessment participants have given appropriate informed consent based on a clear
understanding of what is expected of them and what will occur;
h)protect the security and confidentiality of assessment information within the client’s control.NOTE The requirements for the service provider’s responsibilities are given in lSO 10667-2.
3.3 Anticipating outcomes and consequences
The client shall work together with the service provider to identify the possible significant outcomes andconsequences of the assessment process, together with the risks and utilities associated with it. Whenappropriate and feasible, the client, together with the service provider, shall decide how best to respond tosuch outcomes and consequences.
3.4Competence and training
The client shall ensure that any person working under its control with a role in the assessment process has thenecessary competence or is trained to have it.
3.5Supplementary research activities
The client shall consider whether to participate in appropriate supplemental activities, such as norm updating,reliability studies,validation studies, instrument revision, assessment design improvements or other researchactivities aimed at quality enhancement, taking into account the options, costs, and benefits of these activitiesprovided by the service provider.Any agreement on the conduct of supplementary activities shall be documented.
4Pre-assessment procedures
4.1ldentification of assessment needs
Theclientshalldiscusswithpotentialserviceprovidersitsassessmentneedsandproviderelevantdocumentationthat is available, or which might be developed, based on input from any service provider.
The client shall identify a preliminary list of assessment needs which shall include, but not be limited to:a) the purposes(s) of the assessment;
b)who is to be assessed;
c)relevant demographics such as educational levels,languages and other appropriate biographical
information on those to be assessed.
When assessment needs are complex or lack clarity, the client might need to initiate a separate process todefine them. These complexities can be identified by needs analysis, a job analysis or competency modelling.NOTE1 This process of determining assessment needs might require several cycles of analysis and clarification.NOTE2 When it is necessary to develop new,or customize existing, assessment procedures to address therequirements, the client might need to develop a separate agreement for this work with the service provider or anotherentity with the expertise to perform that work.
4.2Assessment services recommendation
The client shall review assessment services recommendations and decide which recommendation best meetstheir requirements.
4.3Assessment services agreement
The client shall reach agreement with the service provider regarding the specifications of the assessmentservice.These specifications shall include:
a)scope of the assessment service;
b) duration of the assessment service and the assessment(where there is no service end date, this shall be
made explicit);
c)details of the assessment procedures and methods used;d)analysis procedures applied to the assessment measures;e)appropriate reporting of assessment results for each end user;
f)how the data from the various assessment procedures will be combined;
g)respective roles, obligations,and responsibilities of the client and the service provider;
h) information on data privacy, ownership of intellectual property and assessment data, data storage, and
data deletion;
i)statement of compliance with relevant regulation and legislation;
i)nature and frequency of monitoring and periodic review procedures necessary to ensure the quality of the
assessment and to ensure that it meets necessary professional, legal and regulatory requirements;
k)nature of the feedback, if any is to be provided, and the way in which it will be provided;
l)identification of costs.
Where applicable, the client and the service provider shall include in their agreement provisions for a post-assessment review (see Clause 6). The specifications of this review shall include:
1)statement of the competences required for the people carrying out the review;2)specification of what will be reviewed and when it will be reviewed;
3)who will be involved in the review;
4) specification of criteria for the review;
5)specification of the nature and form of the output from the review.
NOTE The two lists above are also included in ISo 10667-2 to ensure consistency of the requirements on theagreement between the client and the service provider.

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