AS NZS 3113 pdf download – Approval and test specification—Ceiling roses

AS NZS 3113 pdf download – Approval and test specification—Ceiling roses

AS NZS 3113 pdf download – Approval and test specification—Ceiling roses
4.1 General Ceiling roses shall be of robust design and construction, have adequate mechanical strength, and shall contain adequate facilities for the connection of fixed wiring and of a flexible cord.
4.2 Insulating material The insulating portions of ceiling roses shall consist of—
(a) insulating material having properties not inferior to those of Class 100 mouldings complying with AS/NZS 3121; or
(b) ceramic material of a type such that, after immersion in water for 48 h and after all visible drops of water have been removed from the surface by means of a clean dry coth, it shall not have increased in mass by more than 2 percent. All insulating materials, except ceramic, used in the construction of a ceiling rose shall further comply with the requirements of Clause 8.7.
4.3 Terminals
4.3.1 General Terminals shall be of suitable corrosion-resisting metal of sufficient hardness and rigidity for the intended application.
4.3.2 Number and size Ceiling roses shall be provided with not less than three sets of terminals. Each set shall be capable of accommodating three fixed wiring conductors, plus one flexible cord conductor, of appropriate sizes according to the current rating of the ceiling rose. In addition, one of the three sets of terminals shall be for the termination of an earthing conductor and identified in accordance with Clause 7.3.
4.4 Strength of screw threads and fixings All screws which have to be removed or loosened for the purpose of connecting conductors shall pass the test for screw threads and fixings of AS/NZS 3100.
5.1 General The design and arrangement of the mounting face shall be such as will ensure an even and firm seating when the ceiling rose is mounted as intended. Where knock-outs are provided in the wall forming the recess, they shall not substantially reduce the wall strength.
5.2 Holes for fixing screws At least two holes shall be provided for fixing screws. The holes shall be positioned and arranged so that the fixing screws do not make contact with live metal parts during normal insertion and withdrawal. In addition, the holes shall, for ceiling roses intended for use with junction boxes, be symmetrically disposed (on a diameter or a line), and for all other types be substantially symmetrical.
5.3 Attachment of cover Where a cover is provided, suitable means shall be incorporated in the body of the ceiling rose for securely fixing the cover in position. Where a screw-on cover is provided, an appropriate flange or stop shall be incorporated in the body against which the cover may bear evenly.
5.4 Insulating barriers Live parts shall be separated from each other, from earthing terminals, and from earthed metal if any, by insulating barriers that form an integral part of the ceiling rose, or of the terminals.
5.5 Cord anchorage Ceiling roses shall be provided with an arrangement which will effectively reduce the stress on the flexible cord terminals, and which will pass the test of Clause 8.5.
6.1 Cover Any ceiling rose intended for surface mounting shall be provided with a suitable cover for enclosing the terminal facilities. The cover shall be of a size and shape which will ensure adequate clearances when assembled on the body. The interior surfaces of the cover shall be free from any projections likely to damage or stress the flexible cord when the cover is attached or while being attached. Where a cover can be detached only by means of a tool, the securing means shall not utilize the fixing holes of the base and shall be arranged so that such means are adequately insulated from any internal terminal or conductor.
6.2 Flexible cord entry The opening through which the flexible cord enters shall be formed or bushed so as to minimize abrasion of the protective covering or insulation and shall have a diameter of not less than 9.5 mm nor more than 12.5 mm.

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