AS 4575 pdf download – Gas appliances—Quality of servicing

AS 4575 pdf download – Gas appliances—Quality of servicing

AS 4575 pdf download – Gas appliances—Quality of servicing
2.1 GENERAL There shall be arrangements and procedures to ensure at least the following matters are addressed.
2.1.1 Allocation of service work – registration/licensing Servicing work shall be allocated only to an accredited competent person/s as defined by the State/Territory in which they are working.
2.1.2 Allocation of service work – time to complete task Servicing shall be allocated so the person carrying out service work has sufficient time to complete the task safely and effectively.
2.1.3 Maintenance of records Servicing reports shall be issued, and records maintained for 7 years for all servicing work. Documents and records should be in writing or in electronic form, kept safely, and be readily retrievable. Access to records shall be controlled, and made available when requested.
2.1.4 Servicing equipment to be available and in good order Servicing equipment (see Clause 2.3) shall be available as required, and maintained in good order (and where necessary, calibrated to an appropriate standard).
2.1.5 Access to service replacement parts The service provider shall have the capacity to access replacement parts as required.
2.1.6 Detection of re-occurring problems There shall be processes to detect re-occurring problems in servicing work and they shall be acted on in a timely way.
2.1.7 Investigation of complaints Any complaints or reports of inadequate servicing shall be documented, properly investigated and resolved in a timely way. See AS 4269.
2.1.8 Review of servicing procedures Servicing procedures and competencies shall be reviewed periodically, and updated as necessary. This shall include familiarisation and training in servicing of appliances new to the market, preferably through manufacturer supplied resources.
2.2.1 Service personnel The person carrying out service work shall be competent for the specific tasks to be undertaken. This includes—
(a) knowledge of installation requirements for the type of appliance;
(b) knowledge of all relevant Occupational Health and Safety requirements;
(c) ability to diagnose faults in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual, or, if no manual is available, according to written procedures for either that particular appliance or appliances of that generic type;
(d)ability to determine and perform corrective actions to return the appliance to
manufacturers in-service performance specification where reasonably achievable;(e)ability to make appliance safe where Item (d) is not reasonably achievable.
NOTE:Making an appliance safe may involve rendering it inoperable.
2.2.2 Supervisory personnel
Any person supervising servicing personnel shall have a good understanding of thetechnical aspects of the appliances to be serviced, and the safety issues that may arise frominadequate servicing.
The person carrying out servicing work shall have tools and equipment as appropriate to thetasks to be undertaken. This shall include at least the following:
(a)Manometer or pressure gauge sufficient to measure and set appliance inlet and burner
pressures according to the appliance manufacturers specification.
(b)Suitable leak detection equipment to conduct leak testing.
(c) Electrical test equipment (e.g., multimeter) of specification appropriate to gas
appliance diagnostics.
(d)Bonding straps.
(e) Reference manuals and specifications for the appliances to be serviced (shall have
ready access to information, and shall be current editions).
(fAS 5601.
(g)Check lists and procedures as appropriate (see Appendix A).
(h)Suitable means to show correct flue operation; (e.g., smoke matches).
NOTE: It is recommended that a service person have,or have access to,carbon monoxidedetection equipment (digital or chemical tube type) or combustion analysis equipment e.g.,carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide.
Materials used in servicing shall be to an appropriate specification,and fit for purpose.Preference shall be given to manufacturer approved replacement parts, but where these arenot economically or practically available the replacement part shall be of known quality andsuitable for the function.
Where parts are repaired on site,or a salvaged and recycled part is to be used,theperformance and durability of the part shall be assessed and determined to be suitablebefore completion of the work. If performance and durability cannot be assured,therepaired or recycled part shall not be used.

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