AS 3814 pdf download – Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances

AS 3814 pdf download – Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances

AS 3814 pdf download – Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances
2Appliances should comply with requirements of all authorities before being placed into
service (e.g.electrical, water, environmental, occupational health and safety etc).
1.2.2Appliance installation
Before an appliance is connected to a gas supply a submission containing the standard andtechnical data specified by the technical regulator shall be forwarded to the technicalregulator, in accordance with the administrative procedures of the technical regulator.
NOTE: Typical data and procedural requirements are given in Appendices A and B.
1.2.3 New materials and methods
Materials or methods not prescribed in this Standard shall—
(a)not necessarily be excluded from use if they are not specifically referred to; and(b)only be used if they are acceptable to the technical regulator.
1.2.4 Unusual installations
Certain gas installations or portions of installations that are unusual due to particularcircumstances or methods may not be covered in detail by this Standard. Details of such gasinstallations shall be submitted to the technical regulator, and be acceptable, before anywork commences.
1.2.5Modification or relocation of an appliance
Where an appliance is modified or relocated, it shall be upgraded to meet the requirementsof this Standard current at the time of the modification or relocation and be re-submitted tothe technical regulator for approval, unless the technical regulator advises to the contrary.1.3REFERENCED DOCUMENTS
A list,with titles, of documents referred to in this Standard is given in Appendix C.1.4DEFINITIONS
For the purpose of this Standard, the following definitions apply:1.4.1Accessible
Access can be gained without hazard or undue difficulty for inspection, repair,renewal, oroperational purposes.
1.4.2Air curtain
A direct-fired air heater that discharges a curtain of air across an opening direct to outside.1.4.3Air-gas mixing machine
Any combination of proportioning control devices, blowers or compressors that supplymixtures of gas and air to burners where control and or safety devices are installed betweenthe mixing device and burner.
An assembly,other than a vehicle refuelling appliance (VRA),part of which uses gas toproduce flame, heat, light, power or special atmosphere and includes the following: Type A appliance
An appliance for which a certification scheme exists. B appliance
An appliance,with gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/h,for which a certification schemedoes not exist.
NOTE:A Type A appliance when used in an industrial/commercial application for which it wasnot intended is considered to be part of a Type B appliance.An example of this is a certifieddirect-fired space heater used as the heating/ventilating device in a spray/bake paint booth.
Acceptable to, and meeting the prescribed standards of, the technical regulator.1.4.6Atmospheric burner
1.4.7Authorized installer
A person appointed,licensed,authorized or otherwise permitted to carry out gasfittingwork.
1.4.8Auto-ignition temperature
The lowest temperature at which the rate of self-heating of a gas-air mixture exceeds therate of heat loss to the surroundings, thus causing the mixture to ignite.
1.4.9 Automatic burner
1.4.10 Automatic ignition
The lighting of gas at a burner without a manual operation whenever gas flows from theburner.
1.4.11Bleed line
A small diameter pipe or tube that conveys gas to a safe place from a gas component thatdischarges small rates of gas as part of its normal operation.
1.4.12 Burner
For the purpose of this Standard the following is to apply: Atmospheric burner
A system where all of the air for combustion is produced by the inspirating effect of the gasor the natural draught in the combustion chamber or combination of the two withoutmechanical assistance. burner
A burner system that, on starting,follows a self-acting sequence that has been manually orautomatically initiated,to provide gas and ignition to the burner without any intermediatemanual operation. draught burner
A system where all of the air,oxygen or a mixture of the two used for combustion isprovided under pressure. Induced draught burner

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