ISO 21503 pdf download

ISO 21503 pdf download

ISO 21503 pdf download Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on programme management
6.4.2 Risk and issue management
A risk and issue management approach should be defined and established to capture relevant issues,threats and opportunities, which can include:
using a consistent risk management practice for both programme and component level thatintegrates with the organizational risk plan;
aligning the acceptable level of risk for the organization and the programme;
performing ongoing identification, definition and escalation of programmelevel issues, threats andopportunities throughout the programme life cycle;
recording issues at component level, threats and opportunities that can impact the programme’sobjectives;
analysing the programme’s issues, threats and opportunities;
developing and deploying response plans for the programme’s issues, threats and opportunities;assigning and monitoring ownership of each risk and issue.
6.4.3 Change control
A change control approach should be defined and established to address changes that affect theprogramme baseline and the achievement of the objectives of the programme.Change control includes:
establishing a programme change structure;
implementing an approval process for the programme;
establishing a change control process aligned with the programme’s baseline;
analysing,tracking and assessing the impact of changes across programme components;- implementing approved changes.
6.4.4Quality management
The approach to quality management should be defined and established including:一identifying and communicating relevant standards;
applying quality assurance;
performing quality control as planned;
– deploying usable metrics that provide qualitative measures.6.4.5 Resource management
Resource management optimizes the use of resources. Resources may include human resources, funds,equipment, real estate, facilities and tools.The programme manager should monitor and facilitate theuse of resources across the programme components.
6.4.6Schedule management
The programme schedule should include the integration of programme component schedules.Theprogramme schedule should incorporate the timing for programme component deliveries and benefitsrealization.Schedule management should include the monitoring of component schedules to enablenegative schedule variances in components to be mitigated with a view to reduce their impact on theprogramme overall schedule.

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