ISO 14246 pdf download

ISO 14246 pdf download

ISO 14246 pdf download Gas cylinders — Cylinder valves — Manufacturing tests and examinations
1 Scope
This document specifies the procedures and acceptance criteria for manufacturing tests andexaminations (sometimes called “initial inspection and tests”) of valves designed and type tested inaccordance with ISo 10297.
This document is applicable to:
a) cylinder valves intended to be fitted to refillable transportable gas cylinders;b)main valves (excluding ball valves) for cylinder bundles;
c)cylinder valves or main valves with integrated pressure regulator (VIPR);d)valves for pressure drums and tubes.
NOTE Where there is no risk of ambiguity, cylinder valves, main valves, VIPR and valves for pressure drumsand tubes are addressed with the collective term “valves” within this document.
The principles of these manufacturing tests and examinations can be beneficially applied to cylindervalves type tested to national or International Standards other than ISO 10297.
2Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISo 10286,Gas cylinders — Vocabulary
ISo 10297,Gas cylinders — Cylinder valves — Specification and type testing
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IS0 10286 and the following apply.lSO and lEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:-ISo online browsing platform: available at https:.//www.iso.org/obp
—IEC Electropedia: available at https:.//www.electropedia.org/
valve working pressurePw
settled pressure of a compressed gas at a uniform reference temperature of 15 C in a full gas cylinderfor which the valve is intended
Note 1 to entry: This definition does not apply to liquefied gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) or dissolved gases(e.g. acetylene).
[SOURCE:1SO 10297:2014,3.6, modified — “or cylinder bundle” has been deleted from the definitionand Note 2 to entry has been deleted.]
valve test pressurepvt
minimum pressure applied to a valve through a gas during testing
[SOURCE: IS0 10297:2014, 3.8, modified —”through a gas” has been added to the definition and thenote to entry has been deleted.]
external leak tightness
leak tightness to atmosphere (leakage in and/or leakage out) when the valve is open
[SOURCE: ISO 10297:2014,3.4, modified —Note 1 to entry and Figure 1 have been deleted.J3.4
internal leak tightness
leak tightness across the valve seat (leakage in and/or leakage out) when the valve is closed[SOURCE: ISO 10297:2014,3.5, modified —Note 1 to entry and Figure 2 have been deleted.J3.5
quantity of valves of the same type tested design and production order,which is produced as acontrolled number in a specified time period
quantity of valves selected from a batch (3.5) according to a recognized sampling procedureNote 1 to entry: The lSO 2859 series specifies sampling procedures for inspection.
The manufacturing process including all tests shall be such that the valves are supplied clean and dryto meet the requirements of the intended service, e.g.see IS0 15001 for medical applications.
Gas wetted components of valves for oxygen and other oxidizing gases (see IS0 10156) shall be cleanof oil and grease so that the level of hydrocarbon contamination is not greater than 220 mg/m2.lnaddition,components shall be free from particles of a size larger than 200 um. This shall be verified byan appropriate method, e.g. as given in ISO 15001.
Consideration shall be given to minimize the introduction of particles and the risk of contaminationduring the assembly process.
5Manufacturing tests and examinations
Tests and examinations performed to demonstrate compliance with this document shall be conductedusing instruments calibrated before being put into service and thereafter according to an establishedprogramme.
Manufacturing tests and examinations, which are further specified in 5.3,5.4 and 5.5, shall include:- tests to be performed on each valve;
inspections and examinations to be performed on a sample, and verification of the batchdocumentation;
-procedures to verify materials of construction and components.

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