BS ISO 29845 pdf download

BS ISO 29845 pdf download

BS ISO 29845 pdf download Technical product documentation — Document types
structure diagram
chart which shows the relation between different objects in a system or a product from different points of viewpresented graphically as a hierarchical tree
diagram showing the relation between variable quantities, typically of two variables,each measured along apair of lines at right angles
parts list
ist of elements of an object(s)[SO 15519-1:2010,3.2.11]
document list
formally built-up inventory in which all relevant documents for a specific purpose are listed
presentation of the constituents in a product structure with the possibility to adopt the level of decomposition toactual need
signal list
list providing information about signals defined as input or output of functional units
coordinate data list
list providing information about certain positions on a part represented in a Cartesian coordinate system3.2.36
apparatus list
list providing information about the constituent functional components included in a system
connection table
connection table lists the connections on different levels, internal and external, of the installation3.2.38
document established by consensus and approved by a recognized body,that provides,for common andrepeated use,rules, guidelines and characteristics or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimumdegree of order in a given context
[ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004,3.2]3.2.39
technical specification
document specifying the requirements for one specific part or for a group of parts with equal characteristics3.2.40
requirement specification
document compiled and evaluated with t3.2.41
part definition
text-based document that may be supplied with a drawing image of the defined part, specifying property
requirements for the part described by the document
3.2.42 calculation
document providing the results of calculations regarding essential product characteristics
process specification
document that defines the type and sequence of steps of a process used to produce a part
assembly instruction
document providing information of how and in what sequence the diflerent part shall be assembled to receive
a specific end product
test specification
specification explaining how to perform the test activities according to the test plan
test plan
document describing the scope realization resources and plans for the intended test activities
quality plan
document defining a set of activities planned that helps achieve quality in the project being executed
test report
compilation of tests carried out at a new part, assembly, product or system and documentation of test results
4 Forms of presentation
4.1 General
The forms of presentation identiied in Table 1 are the main types of documents used in the field of
engineering. The table also shows where the documents are commonly used. However, the document types
can also occur in other technical areas than those shown in Table 1 depending on company standards,
technical discipline, elc.
he requirements from the markets (customer), authorities,and thecompany itself

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