BS ISO 14300-2 pdf download

BS ISO 14300-2 pdf download

BS ISO 14300-2 pdf download Space systems — Programme management Part 2: Product assurance
1 Scope
This part of lSO 14300 defines the product assurance (PA) policy, objectives, principles, and requirements forthe establishment and implementation of PA programmes for space programmes covering mission definition,design, development, production and operations of space products, including disposal.
The PA discipline covers: PA management,quality assurance,safety assurance,dependability (reliability,availability and maintainability)assurance of software and hardware products, as well as parts (including electrical,electromechanical and electronic components, and mechanical parts), materials and processes assurance.This part of lSO 14300 defines their respective objectives, policies, and principles to achieve the stated overallPA objectives throughout the complete life cycle of the products.
The provisions of this part of lSO 14300 apply to space products.
The term “programme” is understood as a group of several projects. Both “programme” and “project” can beused in the same context throughout this part of lsO 14300.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendments) applies.
Iso 9000:2005,Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary
ISO 14300-1,Space systems — Programme management —Part 1:Structuring of a projectISO 14620-1,Space systems — Safety requirements — Part 1: System safety
ISO14621-1,Spacesystems—Electrical,electronicandelectromechanical(EEE)parts—Part1:PartsmanagementISO 14621-2,Space systems —Electrical, electronic and electromechanical (EEE) parts — Part 2: Controlprogramme requirements
ISO 17666,Space systems — Risk management
3Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms
3.1Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 9000:2005 and the following apply.3.1.1
product assurance
discipline devoted to the study, planning and implementation of activities intended to ensure that the design,controls, methods and techniques in a programme result in a satisfactory level of quality in a product
3.2Abbreviated terms
For the purposes of this document, the following abbreviated terms apply.EEE Electrical, electronic, electromechanical
PA Product assurance
4Objectives, policy and principles -General
The prime objective of PA is to ensure that the space products accomplish their defined mission objectives and.more specifically, that they are safe, available and reliable.
An additional objective is to achieve more cost effective space programmes by coordinating the developmentand implementation of appropriate PA methods and standards.
In support of programme risk management, PA will ensure an adequate identification, appraisal,preventionand control of technical and programmatic risks within programme constraints.
4.2Policy and principles
ln order to meet these objectives, a PA policy is defined in this part of lSO 14300,which requires a PAprogramme derived from a system based on preventive approach and includes:
a)protection of human life,space products, investment and environment;
b)definition and maintenance of a programme PA function, with appropriate autonomy with respect to other
lines and programme level organizations;
c)integrated application of the PA disciplines and coordination with the associated functions of programme
management and programme engineering;
d)tailoring of the PA requirements to the specific programme needs;
e)assignment of PA requirements and their control commensurate with the function criticality within the system;f)integrated PA participation to the overall risk management process;
g)PA contribution to proper control of the technical risks and ensuring awareness by the appropriate levels
of management until the end of the disposal phase;
h)implementation of a preventive approach, i.e. early identification of potential problems and continuous
influence on the development process;
i) verification activities consistent with programme objectives;
j) certification activities by the supplier on the end product for the customer’s final acceptance.
5 Product assurance management
The objective of product assurance management is to ensure and achieve an adequate, effective and efficientcoordination and implementation of the PA activities through a proper integration of the PA disciplines, as wellas the integration of PA with all programme management and engineering activities.

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