BS ISO 12176-3 pdf download

BS ISO 12176-3 pdf download

BS ISO 12176-3 pdf download Plastics pipes and fittings — Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 3: Operator’s badge
1 Scope
This part of ISO 12176 describes the format and the contents of a fusion operator’s badge, which is usedduring the construction of polyethylene (PE) piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels or water to identifythe fusion operator and to activate or deactivate the fusion-jointing equipment.
The objective of this part of lSO 12176 is to achieve international interoperability between the operator’sbadge and the card-reading equipment of fusion-jointing equipment conforming to lSO 12176-1 orISO12176-2.The fusion-jointing equipment is required to read either the bar code or the magnetic-stripe codeof the badge and to call up the corresponding data within the equipment in a standard format.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies.For undated references,the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 3166-1,Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions — Part 1 : Countrycodes
ISO/IEC 7810, ldentification cards – Physical characteristics
ISOIIEC 7811-2:2001, ldentification cards —Recording technique —Part 2: Magnetic stripe—Low coercivityISO/IEC 7811-6:2008,Identification cards — Recording technique —- Part 6: Magnetic stripe—Highcoercivity
ISO/IEC 16390, Information technology —Automatic identification and data capture techniques — Interleaved2 of 5 bar code symbology specification
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.3.1
fusion operator
person trained to carry out fusion jointing between polyethylene (PE) pipes andlor fttings based on a writtenprocedure agreed by the pipeline operator
NOTE The fusion operator is trained for one or more fusion-jointing procedures, involving the operation of manualand/or automatic fusion-jointing machines.
competent organization
company authorized by the national authorities or by the pipeline operator to organize training courses forfusion operators and to issue fusion operators’ badges
whole number from zero to nine
whole number from zero to nine or letter or other symbol
NOTE Letters and other symbols are represented by a two-digit number as indicated in Table 2.
4Data carrier
The fusion operator’s badge shall be designed in the form of a bar code card or a magnetic-stripe card.In the case of a bar code card, the code shall be the “interleaved 2 of 5” type conforming to lSO/IEC 16390.
In the case of a magnetic card, the card shall conform to the requirements for lD-1 given in lSO/IEC7810.Thecharacteristics of the magnetic stripe shall conform to the International Standards given in Table 1, dependingon stripe coercivity.The data shall be stored on track 1.
The card shall not contain physically embossed characters.

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