BS ISO 10784-3 pdf download

BS ISO 10784-3 pdf download

BS ISO 10784-3 pdf download Space systems — Early operations Part 3: Commissioning report
8.3Deviations from planned initialization configuration
Deviations from the planned flight configuration critical for the verification of the spacecraft with respect tothe launch environment shall be identified (see 8.2).The verification logic with respect to the overall systemverification of those items that are not in the flight-standard category shall be explained.
8.4 Functional configuration
The state of the physical systems of the SC shall be described and compared to the expected spacecraftlaunch configuration.Any change of functional configuration in the course of initialization shall be mentioned.The functional configuration addresses the operational mode of the SC and the state of the major electricalsystems, including, but not limited to, radio-electrical, pyrotechnic, attitude control, and thermal subsystems.
9 Operations facility configuration
This clause shall describe the overall control facility configuration as run during initialization. In addition, thecontrol facility , its location, and the test date(s) shall be indicated.
9.2Pre-mission configuration
9.2.1General configuration
The general initialization set-up shall be briefly outlined, including relevant figures or the references of relevantdrawings. This outline shall include concise information about the test equipment, instrumentation, interfacesto the SC, environmental conditions, data acquisition system and any specific infrastructure required forinitialization.
9.2.2Interface configuration
Special emphasis shall be given to the description of the interface between the control faclity and the scduring initialization. In this case, the commissioning results clause (see Clause 11) shall explain how thecharacteristics of the interface affect the results.
9.2.3 As-run configuration
lf the planned initialization configuration is modified as the sequence of events develops, the resulting changes,their causes and the potential effects on the initialization procedure or initialization results (see Clause 11) shallbe explained.
9.3 Facility constraints and limitations
Potential constraints related to operational or safety limitations of the control facility shall be indicated whenthese limitations have an effect on the initialization objectives. The nature of these limitations shall be explainedin the initialization description clause (see Clause 10) and in the commissioning results clause (see Clause 11).
10 lnitialization description10.1 General
This clause shall provide a description of the initialization, initialization flow, prediction analyses, input data andinstrumentation.
10.2 Approach and methodology
A description of the logic behind the initialization approach and of the methods used shall be provided.10.3 Sequence of events
The various steps of initialization shall be listed, together with the corresponding levels and durations relativeto the nominal initialization goal (full level, nominal duration).
10.4 Supporting analyses
A general description of the analyses performed in support of the initialization execution shall be provided,together with the references of the corresponding documentation.
10.5 Input parameters, tolerances and limits
For each step, the actual input data shall be provided in numerical and/or in tabular form, as appropriate.Thecorresponding tolerances and limits related to the performance of the control facility and the associated controlsystem shall be clearly indicated (including alarm levels and abort limits).
10.6 lnstrumentation
A complete list of the measurement devices used during initialization shall be provided, together with thefollowing characteristics: identification,measurement type,calibration method,measurement range andtolerances, and exact location with respect to the reference frame of the SC. When useful, a drawing of thearrangement of the measurement devices shall be provided.
10.7 Success criteria
The criteria for success of the initialization shall be listed, and their applicability shall be defined for each step.
11 Results
11.1 Spacecraft initialization
11.1.1 Modes
The spacecraft modes shall be presented in the format shown below.

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