ISO IEC 24775-8 pdf – Information technology — Storage management — Part 8: Media libraries

ISO IEC 24775-8 pdf – Information technology — Storage management — Part 8: Media libraries

ISO IEC 24775-8 pdf – Information technology — Storage management — Part 8: Media libraries
3 Terms, Definitions, Symbols,Abbreviations, and Conventions3.1General
For the purposes of this document,the definitions, symbols, abbreviations,and conventions given inStorage Management Technical Specification, Part 2 Common Architecture,1.8.0 Rev 4 and the following apply.3.2Terms and Definitions
changer device
the robotic arm and control logic within a storage media library that moves media from one location toanother
media access device
a device that performs read and write operations on mediaNote 1 to entry: In tape libraries, it is the tape drive.
storage media location
one of various locations within a media library where the physical media can be placed
Note 1 to entry: These include the changer devices, the media access devices, physical slots or magazines,and l/O slots.3.2.4
storage media library
a library in which a large number of removable media can be stored and retrieved
Note 1 to entry: A library also contains a limited number of media access devices for reading and writing to the media.
Note 2 to entry: A changer device within the library moves the media belween a stored location and drve or between two locations. Note 3 toentry: The drives, changers and the library are controlled by a host typically via the SCSI andor FC ports, but other types
of porls are possible.
Note 4 to entry: A storage media library typically is a tape library.3.2.5
limited access port
an operator-accessible window of a storage media library through which physical media is fed into thelibrary or physical media can be retrieved out of a library
Note 1 to entry: A limited access port is also known as an l/O port, import export port, mailslot, etc.3.2.6
library capacity (storage library capacity)
the capacity of a storage media library, measured in terms of the number of physical media it can hold 3.2.7magazine
a container that holds multiple physical media
Note 1 to entry: Some storage media libraries have magazines that fit into the physical slot instead of single media.
4 Storage Library Profile4.1synopsis
Profile Name: Storage Library (Autonomous Profile)Version: 1.7.0
organization: SNIA
Central Class: CIM_ComputerSystemScoping Class: ComputerSystem
supported Profiles: Table 1 describes the supported profiles for Storage Library.
4.2 Description 4.2.1 Profile Goals The schema for a storage library provides the classes and associations necessary to represent various forms of removable media libraries. This profile defines the subset of classes that supply the necessary information for robotic storage libraries. This profile further describes how the classes are to be used to satisfy various use cases and offers suggestions to agent implementers and client application developers. The relevant objects for a storage library should be instantiated in the name space of the provider (or agent) for a storage library resource. Whenever an instance of a class for a resource may exist in multiple

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