IEC 62363 pdf – Radiation protection instrumentation – Portable photon contamination meters and monitors

IEC 62363 pdf – Radiation protection instrumentation – Portable photon contamination meters and monitors

IEC 62363 pdf – Radiation protection instrumentation – Portable photon contamination meters and monitors
1 scope and object
This International Standard is applicable to portable and transportable contamination metersand monitors designed for the direct measurement or the direct detection of surfacecontamination by photon radiation emitting radionuclides and which comprise at least:
a detection assembly (comprising counter tube,scintillation detector or semiconductordetector,etc.), which may be connected either rigidly or by means of a flexible cable orincorporated into a single assembly;
a measurement assembly.
The standard is applicable to:
– photon surface contamination meters;-photon surface contamination monitors.
The standard is applicable to detection assemblies that are designed to measure photoncontamination from radionuclides which emit photons with energy in excess of 5 keV. Inparticular,this standard should be used to assess the performance of assemblies used todemonstrate that material is free from surface contamination by photon emitting radionuclides.
This standard is also applicable to special purpose assemblies and to assemblies specificallydesigned to provide limited spectroscopic information to the user.
NOTE These detection assemblies may be used to measure photon emissions from radionuclides that also emitalpha and beta radiations,where the alpha and beta emissions may be shielded due to the nature of thecontamination. lf shielding of the radioactive emissions occurs, then strictly speaking, the contamination is near torather than on the surface of the article being monitored.
The object of this standard is to lay down standard requirements and to give examples ofacceptable methods,and also to specify general characteristics, general test conditions,radiation characteristics, electrical safety, environmental characteristics, and the requirementsof the identification certificate for photon contamination meters and monitors.
Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references,only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60050-393:2003,International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) – Part 393: Nuclearlnstrumentation – Physical phenomena and basic concepts
IEC 60050(394):2007,International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) – Part 394: Nuclearinstrumentation: Instruments, systems, equipment and detectors
IEC 60068-2-27,Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Test Ea and guidance: Shock
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3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document,the general terminology concerning the detection andmeasurement of ionizing radiation and nuclear instrumentation given in IEC 60050-393 andIEC 60050-394 applies. Also,the terms and definitions specific to this standard given inISO 7503-1,ISO 7503-3,ISO 8769-2 and lSO 11929-1, as well as the following, apply.
very small portion of matter or energy[IEv 393-11-01]
quantum of electromagnetic radiation considered as an elementary particle of energy hv,where h is the Planck constant and v the frequency of the radiation
[IEV 393-11-06]
surface emission rate (for a radioactive source)
number of particles of a given type,whose energies are above a given value,emerging fromthe face of the radioactive source or its window per unit time
[IEv 393-14-87]
NOTE ln the context of this standard , a particle refers to a photon.3.4
calibrated source activity
activity of a test source in Becquerels,as stated by the source manufacturer at the time ofpurchase, or an appropriately accredited calibration laboratory. The calibrated activity shallalways have a correction applied to take into account radioactive decay

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