IEC 60705 pdf – Household microwave ovens – Methods for measuring performance

IEC 60705 pdf – Household microwave ovens – Methods for measuring performance

IEC 60705 pdf – Household microwave ovens – Methods for measuring performance
6 General conditions for measurements
Unless otherwise specified , the measurements are made under the following conditions.
When a metal turn table or any metal accessories are provided and used for themeasurements,the load position and the corresponding shape of the metal turn table or anymetal accessories shall be reported, together with the test results.
NOTE The positioning influences the repeatability of the test results.
lf numbers have to be rounded,they shall be rounded to the nearest 50 w according to lso80000-1;2009,Annex B.3 Rule B. if the rounding takes place to the right of the comma, theomitted places shall not be filled with Zeros.
6.2Supply voltage
The appliance is supplied at rated voltage ±1 %.lf the appliance has a rated voltage range,the tests are carried out at the nominal voltage of the country where the appliance is intendedto be used. This voltage is stated in the report.
NOTE The supply voltage should be essentially sinusoidal.Results of the tests may otherwise be affected.
6.3Test room
The tests are carried out in a substantially draught-free room in which the ambient temperatureis mairtained at 20℃±5C.
Potable water is used for the fests.6.5lnitial condition of the ovenAt the beginning of each test,
the temperatures of the magnetron and the power supply shall be within 5 K of the ambienttemperature,or
the oven has not been operated for a period of at least 6 h. However,this period may bereduced if it can be demonstrated that the microwave power output, as determined inClause 8,is available earlier.
NOTE Forced cooling may be used to assist in reducing the oven temperature.
6.6Control setting
The tests are carried out with the controls set to give the highest power output. Unlessotherwise specified the measurements are made with boost function, if available.
7 Dimensions and volume
7.1 External dimensions
The overall height,width and depth of the appliance,excluding any knobs and handles on thefront surface,are measured. The depth is also measured with the door fully open.
7.2Usable internal dimensions and usable volume
Removable items specified in the user instructions to be not essential for the operation of theappliance in the manner for which it is intended shall be removed before measurement iscarried out.
The measurement of the usable oven volume is to be carried out at ambient temperature.
The height,width and depth of the usable volume in the cavity shall be measured according to7.2.2-7.2.4.
For verification purposes a gauge, as shown in Figure 2a, shall be used to determine all of thethree dimensions.The gauge shall be used without appreciable force.
Dimensions are stated in millimetres.
Microwave ovens having a usable height of less than 120 mm are disregarded.

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