BS IEC 60092-306 pdf – Electrical installations in ships — Part 306: Equipment – Luminaires and lighting accessories

BS IEC 60092-306 pdf – Electrical installations in ships — Part 306: Equipment – Luminaires and lighting accessories

BS IEC 60092-306 pdf – Electrical installations in ships — Part 306: Equipment – Luminaires and lighting accessories
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document,the terms and definitions given in lEC 60598-1 and thefollowing apply.
source made in order to produce an optical radiation, usually visible
[IEV 845-07-03]
lighting accessories
additional parts which are needed for mounting or for electrical connection and which areusually delivered together with the luminaire
NOTE Examples are ceiling rose,cable gland,plug,socket-outlet.4Requirements on luminaires
Luminaires shall comply with the requirements of IEC 60598-1 and with the additionalrequirements included in this standard.Luminaires in accordance with this standard shall besuitable for continuous operation.
4.2Mechanical requirements4.2.1Design
The design of luminaires shall comply with the requirements of lEC 60092-101 and with thefollowing additional requirements.
a) Luminaires shall have sufficient mechanical resistance for the intended use.The
mechanical properties shall be in accordance with intended purpose and installationlocation.To meet the requirement of mechanical resistance, the equipment shall withstandthe respective shock and vibration conditions given in the Tables 3 and 4.
b) Luminaires shall be designed, dimensioned and equipped with mounting devices in such a
way that they will present no hazard to persons,in particular during operation andmaintenance work.
c)The minimum degrees of lP protection in accordance with lEC 60529 required in the
different environmental conditions related to locations are given in IEC 60092-201:1994,Table 5.
d) Luminaires shall be so constructed as to provide for adequate dissipation of heat from
lamps and related components.The temperature rise of terminals for connection of supplycables shall not exceed 40 °C. Insulation material of internal parts shall be of atemperature class which corresponds to the maximum temperature within the luminaires.e) The temperature of surface parts which can be touched during operation shall not exceed
60 C. lif this is not possible, e.g. in case of floodlights or discharge lamps,these
luminaires shall be mounted in a way that they cannot be reached without the use ofadditional facilities.
f) Luminaires shall be constructed in such a way that they can be easily cleaned inside,ifapplicable.
g) Lamps shall be easily replaceable, if applicable.
h) Luminaires used in hazardous areas shall comply with the relevant part of lEC 60079.
Hazardous spaces of ships can be e. g. paint stores and battery rooms where, dependingon ventilation arrangement,luminaires may be required to comply with relevant parts ofIEC 6o079.
i) Special consideration shall be given to the design of luminaires for installation in areaswhere the ambient temperature is ≥ +45 C or s-25 ℃.
4.2.2 Materials
With respect to durability and resistance to environmental conditions,luminaires and lightingaccessories shall meet the requirements specified in Clause 7 of this standard.The materialsshall additionally comply with the following ‘requirements.
a) The materials used for the luminaires and their mounting parts shall be non-toxic andflame retardant.
b) Parts which require surface protection shall be designed in a way that functional andoperational safety is ensured.
c)Non-metallic external parts of luminaires,enclosures and attachments shall withstand theexposure to UV and visible radiation and shall be halogen-free.
d) External parts and housings of luminaires intended for outdoor installation shall be ofmetal.
e) lf coating of the luminaires or parts or enclosures is necessary to achieve corrosion
resistance, it shall be in accordance with EN 12206-1 in case of aluminium and aluminiumalloy or in accordance with EN 13438 in case of steel.
Tests for requirements a) and c) are stated in 7.2.5.
4.3Electrical requirements
4.3.1Electrical safety
Electrical safety shall be ensured by compliance with the tests specified in 7.3.
4.3.2 Luminaires for use on lT power distribution systems
Luminaires intended to be operated on on-board power supply systems shall be designed insuch a way that they may be operated on a power distribution system which is not earthed(IT-system). Switches in luminaires intended for use on lT-systems shall be bipolar. lf fusesare included in the luminaire, they shall be installed in each line conductor.
4.3.3 Electromagnetic compatibility
In general, the requirements stated in lEC 60533 shall be met. Luminaires specified for use inthe bridge area and radio room shall meet the requirements stated in lEC 60945.

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