AS 3856.1 pdf download – Hoists and ramps for people with disabilities — Vehicle mounted Part 1: Product requirements

AS 3856.1 pdf download – Hoists and ramps for people with disabilities — Vehicle mounted Part 1: Product requirements

AS 3856.1 pdf download – Hoists and ramps for people with disabilities — Vehicle mounted Part 1: Product requirements
4.1 Material, design and construction requirements
All hoists and ramps shall be designed and constructed such that the following requirements are met:(a
All controls, for lowering and raising, shall be easily accessible and operable by the operator.
Those components susceptible to wear and tear, e.g. pins,shafts and connections, shall beaccessible for maintenance and replacement.
All metal parts not made of corrosion-resistant material shall be protected against corrosion.
Power operated systems necessary for exit from the vehicle shall incorporate a manualoverride in case of power failure.
lf the hoist assembly and its controls are housed within the vehicle, all housings, switches andconnector housings shall conform to IEC 60529 IP code 52.Hoist components permanentlymounted outside of the vehicle shall conform to IEC 60529 IP code 54.
4.2 Enclosure integrity
Exposed enclosures for electrical circuitry shall meet the requirements of Clause G. equipment
All components that contain working fluid shall have a burst pressure which is not less than three timesthe normal design maximum working pressure. A pressure relief valve shall be fitted to ensure thatthree times the maximum working pressure is not exceeded.
4.4 Manually operated folding mechanisms
Manually operated folding mechanisms shall conform to the following:(a)
Manually deployed appliances shall have a handhold to deploy and store the appliance.
The force required for any manual folding and unfolding operations shall be not more than 60N applied at the handhold.
4.5Control systems
Control systems shall conform with the following:(a
Hoist assembly including the control system shall be tested in accordance with Appendix F.
Audible noise requirements shall be assessed in accordance with AS/NZS ISo 7176.14.
Power circuits shall be —0
protected with a rated current overload device (e.g. fuse) in accordance withAs 3856.2; and
fitted with an operator accessible isolation switch, in accordance with Table 4.1.
EMC testing for radiation immunity and general EMC shall be in accordance with UN R10.
Power-operated systems shall actuate a braking function when a control device is released.
The ramp or hoist may be lowered under power or under gravity. If the ramp or hoist islowered under power, a safety device shall be provided to prevent jacking of the vehicle.Allhoists shall have a back-up control system.
There shall be a mechanical safety device to prevent the platform from falling in anuncontrolled manner in the event of a hydraulic or power actuator failure.The safety deviceshall hold the platform in its stowed position unless released by means of normal operationof the appliance. The application of this device shall also be applicable to ramps that havedual purposes.
NOTE An example of dual purpose is where the floor of the vehicle also acts as the access ramp.
The safety device shall still be effective in its operation if springs or other means are used aspart of the safety device to hold it in place experience a failure.
A platform or ramp shall be capable of being manually deployed and lowered.
No control function may be overridden by another control function while the first controlfunction is active.
The control unit shall be located so that —()
the risk of damage to the control unit during operation is minimized;
the risk of damage to the control cable of any pendent control is minimized; and
it is no greater than 1 m from the isolation switch.
Switches for the control of moving parts of the appliance shall be of the momentary type sothat operation requires constant pressure on the switch.
A risk assessment shall be completed in accordance with AS ISO 14971 for any alternativemeans for control of moving parts.
The function selection switch or integrated operating and function switches shall be labelledaccording to the symbols in Table 4.1.
The control unit should not be operable except when located so that the operator has an unobstructedview of moving parts during operations.
Further requirements on electrical safety are specified in Appendix G.
Markings identifying the control function of each switch shall be clear, durable and indicate theresulting function.

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