AS 3711.1 pdf download – Freight containers Part 1: Classification, dimensions and ratings (ISO 668:2013, MOD)

AS 3711.1 pdf download – Freight containers Part 1: Classification, dimensions and ratings (ISO 668:2013, MOD)

AS 3711.1 pdf download – Freight containers Part 1: Classification, dimensions and ratings (ISO 668:2013, MOD)
1 Scope
This International Standard establishes a classification of series 1 freight containers based on externaldimensions, and specifies the associated ratings and, where appropriate, the minimum internal anddoor opening dimensions for certain types of containers.
These containers are intended for intercontinental traffic.
This International Standard summarizes the external and some of the internal dimensions of series 1containers. The dimensions of each type of container are defined in the appropriate part of ISO 1496,which is the authoritative document for internal container dimensions.
2Normative references
The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and areindispensable for its application.For dated references,only the edition cited applies.For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISo 830:1981,Freignt containers —Terminology
ISO 1161,Series 1 freight containers — Corner fittings — Specification
IS0 1496-1,Series 1 freight containers — Specification and testing —Part 1:General cargo containers forgeneral purposes
IS0 1496-2,Series 1 freight containers —Specification and testing —Part 2:Thermal containersISO 6346, Freight containers — Coding, identification and marking
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in lSO 830:1981 and the following apply.3.1
freight container
article of transport equipment
a) of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use;
b) specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods by one or more modes of transport, without
intermediate reloading;
c) fitted with devices permitting its ready handling, particularly its transfer from one mode of
transport to another;
d) so designed as to be easy to fill and empty;
e) having an internal volume of 1 m3 (35,3ft3) or more
Note 1 to entry: The term “freight container” does not include vehicles or conventional packing.
ISo container
freight container complying with all relevant lSo container standards in existence at the time of itsmanufacture
gross mass,R, of a container which is both the maximum mass for operation and the minimum mass fortesting
Note 1 to entry: In some countries, in order to conform to current commercial practice, the term ” weight” is used(incorrectly) instead of “mass”.
nominal dimensions
dimensions, disregarding tolerances and rounded to the nearest convenient whole number,by which acontainer may be identified
Note 1 to entry: Nominal dimensions are usually expressed in imperial units.3.5
internal dimensions
dimensions of the largest unobstructed rectangular parallelepiped which could be inscribed in thecontainer if inward protrusions of the top corner fittings are disregarded
Note 1 to entry: Except where otherwise stated, the term “internal dimensions” is synonymous with the term”unobstructed internal dimensions”.
door opening
size of the (end) door aperture, i.e. width and height dimensions of the largest parallelepiped whichcould possibly be passed into the container through the door aperture in question
4 Classification and designation
Series 1 freight containers have a uniform width of 2 438 mm (8 ft).The nominal lengths are listed in Table 1.
Containers 2 896 mm (9 ft 6 in) in height are designated 1EEE,1AAA and 1BBB.Containers 2 591 mm (8 ft 6 in) in height are designated 1EE,1AA,1BB and 1 cc.Containers 2 438 mm (8 ft) in height are designated 1A,1B,1C and 1D.
Containers less than 2 438 mm (8 ft) in height are designated 1AX,1BX, 1 CX and 1 DX.
NOTE1 The letter “X” used in the designation has no specific connotation other than to indicate that the heightof the container is between 0 and 2 438 mm (8 ft).

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